This will be gathered in parallel. The analysis

This part of the research proposal focuses on the methodology to be used in the study.In this research study, a mixed approach will be adopted involving both aspects of qualitative and quantitative research. Therefore, the main philosophy behind the research will be one of interpretism and positivism.Research DesignResearch design can be considered as a mixed methods study employing a case study design to assess the impact of performance management systems on employee performance.

The study will take a convergent design under mixed methods where by qualitative and quantitative data will be gathered in parallel. The analysis of data will be done distinctly and combined at the point of interpretation, to obtain a complete understanding of the research problem. This requires that the research design be both descriptive and explanatory. (Todd 1979).The collection of quantitative data will be done in the form of historical data including level of absenteeism, rate of staff turnover, employee performance, employee complaints and attendance record for staff activities.

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These will be analysed and displayed through graphical representation and trend analysis.The collection of qualitative data will be in the form of interviews, surveys, questionnaires and observation. The most common forms of analysis in qualitative research are thematic analysis and this is the method that will be used as it identifies implicit and explicit ideas within the data.It is important to include measures to test the trustworthiness of qualitative data. This relates to the way in which a qualitative researcher makes certain that transferability, credibility, dependability, and confirmability are apparent in their study. As the researcher, I will seek to satisfy the 4 criteria.

Target populationThe target population of the study will be all the employees of the Fair-Trading Commission of Seychelles as per the records from the Human Resource Department.Data Sources/CollectionThe study will use several sources of data to get broad view about employee performance and performance management systems. Data will be collected through primary and secondary data collection methods.Primary data will be the kind of information gathered first hand. The following data collection method is expected to be used-interviews, surveys, questionnaires and observation. This will be done exclusively within the boundaries of this research topic and specifically about the institution.The analysis of secondary data will involve looking up for literature related topics under the study established by several researchers.

It will enable myself to concentrate beyond the literature to the problem of interest. Part of the secondary data will also come from the database of the Fair-Trading Commission of Seychelles, Annual reports and any other internal reports.Ethical ConsiderationThe researcher has ensured that throughout the research study that adherence to all University of Seychelles, University of West Scotland and British Educational Research Association (BERA 2018) guidelines have been respected and followed effectively. The necessary permission will be sought from the Staff of the Fair Trading Commission before the survey analysis.

Therefore, the secrecy, confidentiality and privacy of data will be maintained, and secondary resources properly referenced. All participants in this research will be informed that the information provided will purely be for academic research and not utilized for personal benefits. Finally, I guarantee that there will be no preferential treatment, discrimination of any forms or bias. (Appendix A: Consent form.

)Expected TimelineThe Gantt chart (Appendix B: Figure 1) will outline how the study will progress over time. So as to ensure that all tasks are completed in a timely manner and eventually the project, the chart which includes the relevant tasks and completion dates will be used to monitor the achievement.


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