This controls. Using the convenience of SMS and

This Project is a very good example of embedded system as all its operations are controlled by intelligentsoftware inside the micro-controller. The aim of this project is to control i.e. to ON/OFFcontrol of different motors, the electrical or electronic appliances connected to this system from anywherein the world. For this purpose user can use any type of Mobile.

This way it overcomes thelimited range of infrared and radio remote controls. Using the convenience of SMS and Phone calls,this project lets you remotely control equipment by s ending text messages and all of which can bepreprogrammed into the controller and easily remembered later.Short Message Service (SMS) is de-fined as a text-based service. That enables up to 160 characters to be sent from one mobile phone toanother. In fact, SMS has taken on a life of its own; spawning a whole new shorthand language thatsrapidly many industries have been quick to make use of this technology, with millions of handsetscurrently in use. Seeing the illiteracy in India we overcome the problem of reading and writing textmessages by providing the facility of voice calls with the help of IVR system which would be morehelpful and beneficial to rural and uneducated farmers. With this in mind, weve designed the projectto work with Quectel M95 GSM modem.

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Some wise individual once aforementioned that systemcould be a system wherever we will finish off the machine whenever we’d like. Thats the distinctionbetween controlled and uncontrolled system. Our project is regarding create this system economicaland dynamic. Because the name instructed the automated management is for dominant the motorfrom remote place,look over its operational conditions; get feedback from the motor itself. Our targetis to manage the motor from distant place by mobile DTMF tone and conjointly get feedback bySMS whereas it’s in ON or OFF condition. We tend to conjointly make sure the safe operation of themotor by police investigation the voltage of the supply and guarantee feedback from system whereasit’s over or below voltage.

Once more we tend to conjointly get these feedback by SMS additionally.GSM network is all over in our country thats why we decide GSM network to control our motorconjointly transferring feedback data through it. We tend to jointly use GSM network as a result ofif we tend to use it then we tend to dont have to be compelled to establish further instrumentationfor networking. To transmit feedback signals we tend to use GSM electronic equipment at the motorfinish jointly generate management signal by mobile DTMF as a result of it’s terribly simple to getDTMF by mobile station and send feedback SMS by electronic equipment additionally. In industrialsector we tend to hope our project is become handy and value effective to control motor and providesits protection.1


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