This Kingdom. Its CEO, Mark Constantine, is

This report aims to analysis a specific brand from different parts. As a group of marketing consultant, we will provide many different ideas for the business to reach efficient level of success. First of all, we will brief market situation.

It will then debate and analysis based on a survey questions to figure out the result. Moreover, we will be using Ansoff’s expansion grid and propose ways to expand the business, and based on it, we will decide the target of marketing mix and segmentation. We as a team chose LUSH cosmetics as our brand.To get more familiar with LUSH cosmetics, LUSH is British cosmetic merchandise that was found in 1995 and its headquarter is in Poole, United Kingdom. Its CEO, Mark Constantine, is a trichologist who met a beauty therapist, Elizabeth Weir, in a hair and beauty salon where that decided to start their own brand and sell 100% natural hair and beauty products.

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The first UAE LUSH store was opened in Dubai, and they consider opening 20 high-street stores and mall-based stores across the UAE.


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