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This report has been prepared as a partial requirement of the project proposal of the Master in Business Administration (MBA) program in MAHSA University, Malaysia. The topic covers “The Clients Satisfaction of Internet Banking Services in Mutual Trust Bank Ltd in Bangladesh” and it attempts to evaluate the overall internet banking condition and its impact on the customers of MTBL. It focuses on the necessity, variables and gaps of the Internet Banking process of MTBL in the internal context of its Bashundhara branch. The report aims to investigate the influence of internet banking on the customers and their different opinions toward it. It focuses on the impact of internet banking on the customers of MTBL, Bashundhara branch. It will also show the analytical sense developed by analyzing the output processed on the surveys in that branch.

There are five chapters in the report. The first chapter consists of the Introduction of the whole report and the conceptual frame work of the study which indicates the research question and hypothesis. The second chapter of the report is the review of literature and the theoretical framework.

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The third chapter of the report consists of the research methodology. The fourth chapter consists of data interpretation and analysis of conclusion and recommendation about the study.CHAPTER 1INTRODUCTION1.

1Introduction of the StudyThe internet communication is one of the most recent developments in communication to be developed with the first email being sent in 1972 in a split second. This communication allows the transmission of seemingly limitless amounts of information across the globe (Poster, 2011). The internet communication has opened doors to new opportunities to the global village that entails both individuals and organizations with the World Wide Web (WWW) coming to life in the early nineties going through the explosive expansion in 1995 and growing rapidly from then.This communication not only connects individuals but also exposes them to an array of services, markets and information which has become the game changer from not just reducing communication and coordination costs but also to improving service provision and accessibility and effectively impacting on customer service and satisfaction.

The emergence and expansion of the internet has improved organizations internet and external communication capabilities. In the banking sector, this online facet is commonly known as online banking (OB) or e-banking. Internet banking in the 21st century advanced from merely providing balance view and set up types of alerts but to also be able to do transactions, redeem loyalty coupons, deposit cheques and instruct payroll based transactions.The earliest and widely adopted retail e-banking services in Bangladesh were the automated Teller machine (ATM). However, according to an annual report by Central Bank of Bangladesh its adoption and usage has been surpassed by online banking in recent years (CBB 2010). The reason for this is that many low income earners have access to mobile phones and mobile networks are available in remote areas at a low cost. The effects of online banking is known as service quality (SQ) dimension such as reliability, security and privacy, timeliness that impacts on customer satisfaction.

This study looks at how this service quality has made the banking experience for consumers better and hence improves customer satisfaction. The growth rate of internet banking users is shown in the following table:Table 1: Growth rate of internet banking userParticulars 2014 2015 2016 2017Growth Rate 27.67% 36.67% 42.36% 98.37%The above table shows that though the growth rate is declining, the use of internet banking is increasing day by day.

So it is appropriate to investigate how the customers feel with the online banking, what are their newer demands and etc.1.1 Statement of the Problem Banks have been challenged by technological improvement which has led to the development of products and service that increased the fight for market share. There has been a move from paper-based to electronic payments and ATM use as opposed to visiting of branches by the customers.

While all this is a good and advantageous aspect, it also has some critical issues for both parties i.e. the banks and the customers in terms of quality, security and efficiency among others.

In the current era of intense competition, many banks are focused on maintaining a satisfied customer based on the argument that organizations that are customer centric gain more returns than those that are not service oriented; the increase of customer satisfaction and loyalty through improved service quality (Bolton,2010). This has seen a great deal of investments in technology by the banks Increased technological use has seen banking performance increase daily and online banking has become a very important part of present day banking. Some studies on online banking include, adoption and effectiveness of electronic banking in Bangladesh where they dealt with the uptake of the electronic banking in the country and how the uptakes worked after the acquisition; another study was, effects of e-banking on growth of customer base in Bangladesh banks who looked into the issues that affected the utilization of e-banking facilities by customers and how this impacted on the increase of the customer base in the banks; factors affecting adoption of mobile banking technology in Bangladesh ,A case study of bank customers and how customers react and take up mobile banking.


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