This are factors that create flash flooding

This report will be detailing the environmental issues of flooding and the economic and environmental solutions wasting money issue is affecting a lot of people and can be found all around the world. Flooding-cover or submerge (an area) with water. I will be focussing on the local effects and solution.These are a lot of things that cause floods, floods can be divided into different categories flash floods, storm surge, and levee failures. Flash floods are floods that can come with little or no warning they are very deadly from rapid rise in water levels and the high velocities of the water. There are factors that create flash flooding such as rainfall intensity, duration, and surface condition. Storm surges are inundating costal margins due to server on shore winds, often accompanied by low atmosphere pressure and sometimes high tides.

Dam levees may be designed to contain a flood sometimes levees are said to fail when water over tops the over the levee.Flooding effects most of the world some of these countries have all the categories effecting their country (E.g. flash floods, storm surge, and levee failures). The effects of flooding economically (especially flash flooding) houses, bridges, roads, farms are destroyed and have to build better defensive systems and fix all the destruction. In December 2010, Bundaberg suffered its worst floods in 60 years, when floodwaters from the Burnett River inundated hundreds of homes. Two years later, in January 2013, Bundaberg experienced its worst flooding in recorded history because of Cyclone Oswald.

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The effects of flooding environmentally is that the wildlife either get injured or killed, the environment suffers by major long term death of trees and loss of wildlife’s home. The social effects of flooding can be many people made homeless, water supply and electricity brakeage. In 2013 it was a storm surge that flooded the town and the cause of that was the water was too high over a period. In 2017 it was a flash flood that covered Bundaberg it was a lot of rain in a little period that broke records from over 60 years.People cannot stop rainfall and cannot stop it from bursting its banks.

They can do something to prevent it from great impact. One of these can be (sea) coastal defence wall. That can stop a lot of floods and high tides, retaining walls these can hold a lot of water back in a time of a flood, detention basin are small reservoirs they provide a temporary storage for flood water.I believe that the retaining walls will be the most effective out of all the solutions because the water will be held and a lot of water that could have been flooding the town is behind the wall. Economically this will be expensive this will stay in tack for a long time unlike some other methods that must be redone every time there is a flood. Socially this will help a lot of people’s houses from being wrecked and it saves a lot of money and the community will not have to be in debt.

Lastly the Environmentally this will not wasting money by redoing the method every time it brakes.


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