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This story is played as a playoff between times in the present and in the past. A youngand interested boy in the present time of this playoff wants to learn more The Lorax.While the young boy was learning about his interests it leads him to the suburbs of hishome “Thneedville” to an abandoned environment where he founded himself within anold dilapidated house where the Once-Ler lived.While the boy stayed with the Once-Ler, the boy paid him to tell him everything that hewanted to learn about The Lorax.A young innovative Once-Ler arrived in a brightly coloured rich resource environmentwhile in the search of raw materials. These resources consisted out of ponds, greengrass, Truffula trees and nice clean air and of which the environment served as ahabitat for many different animals which includes Humming-fish, Swomee-Swans, theBar-ba-loots bears and the fed of the fruit of the Truffula trees.

A good quality of raw materials was provided by the tuft of the Truffula trees for theOnce-Ler’s creation called “The Thneed”. This creation had a multi-purpose clothinglike article which could be summarized as “everything one needs”.The Lorax character can be described as a short bossy person, who spoke to the treesas if they had no right to say anything of their own. The Lorax was very upset with theOnce-Ler for taking down the Truffula trees.The Once-Ler had to expand his business into a money making industry of exploiting allthe natural resources after he had a popular demand for these resources of which it hada big and serious effect on the natural habitat of the animals that lived there.

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Thefactory had a big influence on the natural habitat with all the pollution in the air and inthe water as well as with the by-products that the factory produced. The water that gotpolluted by the factory’s by-products restricted the Humming-fish so that they could nothum anymore and was sent away by the Lorax.


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