This try to do both on very similar

This strategy shows that we waste time on a daily basis, and we fail to recognize that our wasted time could be used effectively. We should enjoy our time doing something valuable. To avoid wasting time we should plan that what can we do at specific time. For example, we can avoid traffic jams by waking up earlier than usual and avoid being late for work or school. I was listening to audio books while I drove to avoid wasting my time.

This strategy can help me because I usually wasted an important part of my time with accepting misplaced and unnecessary request from others. If I learned to say no to others’ request, I have managed my time better. I want to write a schedule for every day because it can make easier managing my time. For instance, I want to call my mom and clean home, so I try to do both on very similar time.

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At the end of each day, I will think about how I spent my day and try to value that honestly.


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