This years of age. The assessment measures

This study was conducted and measured using an assessment tool called the Vineland Adaptive Behavior.

This assessment identifies various special needs of children and its primary purpose is to assess the social abilities of an individual ages from preschool to eighteen years of age. The assessment measures five domains communication, daily living skills, socialization, motor skills, and maladaptive behavior. This assessment is a questionnaire administered in a semi-structured interview. There are three editions; a survey form where the parent or primary caregiver answers the questions, an expanded form which is answered by the teacher or psychologist and classroom edition which evaluates the child’s adaptive behavior inside the classroom and is answered by the child’s teacher.ObjectivesThe article I chose is a study that researches whether young children with down syndrome show praxis deficits that impact activities of daily living and whether these deficits are specific to down syndrome.

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In this study, they had young participants with down syndrome, mental age-matched group of children with developmental disabilities of mixed or unknown etiologies and a group of typically developing infants and toddlers they compared performance, praxis tasks and overall adaptive behavior between the participants. Method In this study the participants were sixteen toddlers with down syndrome, sixteen toddlers with developmental disabilities of mixed or nonspeci?c etiologies and nineteen typically developing infants and toddlers.Two of the disability groups were considered through socioeconomic status but no correlation was found between the two factors.The families were mostly caucasian and all children in the study lived at home.The test was conducted in a laboratory in a standardized form.Examiners had a masters or doctoral with several years of clinical experience working with young children with developmental disabilities. Mothers of the participants were interviewed during a home visit.


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