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This theoretical research discusses what employers expect of graduates in terms of the competences and subject knowledge they should develop while studying. It also asks if employers are looking for subject specialists or for generalists with a subject specialism, and to what extent they see a tension between academic and professional competences.

We then turn to the notion of the flexible professional in the context of changing organizations. When recruiting graduates employers have different policies and practices concerning the value they place on a higher education degree. After all, a degree can provide information about what a candidate has learned, or it can act as a validation of subject knowledge and skills.

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A degree can also point to a graduates’ potentialand to further training needs. Most respondents didn’t see a contradiction between specialist and generalist education. On the contrary, specialists should have a broad range of skills and areas of knowledge, according to all of the business experts interviewed.

IntroductionEducation is a progressive search of our own ignorance. It makes people easy to lead but difficult to drive,easy to govern but impossible to enslave. Countries throughout the world tend to set laws in addition to plans that aim to spread education among their nations.

On the other hand the curriculums’ main goal is to direct graduate students towards the labor market but unfortunately that was not implemented yet. Also in the virtual world we get to know that “We are all sick and tired of hearing about the global financial situation,sluggish economic growth and rising unemployment. This is the situation which new graduates find themselves facing when looking for a job.” (Careerealism, 2015).So universities should make training courses to qualify students for the job market.

This topic is chosen because it’s a much debated issue that all students suffer from and because for graduates it’s necessary to recognizewhat kind of experience and competences they need before they can call themselves a leader. The purpose of this research is to motivate universities and governments to stratify the curriculum which aims to find a suitable job for these graduate and to help them skip odds they face .This research is going to highlight 1.

What employers expect from graduates in terms of competences and the subject knowledge they developed while studying?2. To what extent employers see a tension between academic and professional competences?3. Does the high education degree provide graduates with suitable skills to face the labor market needs?4. What are the competences that a graduate should have?MethodologyBefore we started working on our research we are divided into groups and then we decided to talk about this topic, so we start working and collecting information from different ressourcesone of these resources is the internet which was used as a source because of its limitless networking of resources. Then we divided the work into tasks and everyone is responsible about his mission,it takes about two days and the research has been done.Discussion 1- What employers expect from graduates in term of competences and the subject knowledge they developed while studying?Competences or soft skills are the basic skills that are necessary for an employee to get inorder to achieve a well job, solve problems and making decisions .One of these competences is job competency that should include academic and professional skills for example “the job competency for a senior marketing representative of an manufacturing firm might include selling skills and knowledge of product functions”(Billie Nordmeyer 2016). Sograduate certificate is something very important, but it is not enough therefore a graduate student should have beside this degree these skills or any others for the aim to succeed in his career.

Because of that employers expect from every recent college graduate beside his subject knowledge he developed while studying the professional skills, communication skills and commercial skills. The competences are important, but more important could be the ability to learn something new quickly so there are two things belong together the competences improve your ability to learn new things quickly because you got a lot of background .2- To what extent employers see a tension between academic and professional skills?Academic skills are collections of study habits that can help students learn and absorb more lessons these skills not only can assist students while studying but can also help them in future and especially in their career. But there is a tension between academic qualifications and professional competence to practice. Generally, there is agreement that cannot be based only on demonstration of theoretical knowledge or technical skills but should also competences assessment involve some inference about a person’s attitude and professional practice. “Admissions officers and employers are looking beyond academic qualifications when it comes to selection” (Julia Belgutay, 2012)3-Does the high education degree provide graduates with suitable skills to face the labor market needs?Some people think that it’s not a prejudice if the graduates have too much practical experience.

Often, they will already have their habits in work procedures and this will not be easy for leaders to change, if they are used to work otherwise. However there are many people who graduated with freak degree and lots of knowledge but had no work practice or job skills, which put them in difficult situation when it came time to look for a job. Today, employers are looking for skills not just for “B.

A” because they really want to hire a qualified candidate.4-How can graduates improve their competences by their own while studying for getting well involved at their first job?Graduates can improve their competences by several ways. For example: in theoretical way by reading books and improve their knowledge. Also they can take part in trainings or coaching for special competences. Another way would be improving their competences by doing practical work experience, for example in an internship during the study. But graduates might lose their own creativity and her own thinking about several things.

Furthermore it could happen that they lose their personality, because they get to know a picture of how they should be or act, especially if they got new competences by theoretical way, including reading books by their own.ConclusionThere is no doubt that academic skills and qualifications are the substructure of effectiveness in the job market. So in order to beat at any job it’s important for an employee to be well educated and supplied with rich educational information on his working field. However, there is also a great deal of the importance on the professional background of an employee.

An individual with a high degree can have a luxury to switch from one job to another for the aim of higher wages but if he has a good experience besidethat this will help him have more opportunities to take on some challenging responsibilities.RecommendationsWhat is needed is to upgrade the curriculum of all schools and universities so they can match the needs of labor market and universities must take serious action in providing enough knowledge to students especially graduates on different skills that are wanted by all sectors. Moreover the government should incorporate more work study programs in universities so students will know more about work conditions and will skip all the difficulties they may face.


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