This ,and written), and the proper times

This week I learned the difference between traditional IRA’s and Roth IRA’s, and how they both can benefit me for retirement.

I also learned that social security is a unfunded pension plan, it possibly will not be around by the time I reach 62 so I should invest in IRA’s.My definition of digital literacy, was understanding technical advances and how well you adjust and use technology. My definition hasn’t changed however, I have learned so much throughout the last five weeks, the three most important things I learned were that digital footprints are often permanent and can be retrieved later even after deletion. The second thing I learned was the different forms of communication (face to face ,and written), and the proper times to use each particular one in different situations.

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Lastly, I learned about PRBC and alternative credit score. I can use this information to possibly build my credit by reporting my monthly bills since I do not currently have a credit card it probably can help me build enough to be able to qualify through the three traditional bureaus eventually.I feel I can better utilize my digital tools to become a more active member of the Ashford online community by taking better advantage of the different resources that the library and other student services and resources available. I also have learned proper etiquette when communicating through emails and the online discussion boards, so I can better interact with my fellow peers and instructors.


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