Those interest of the peoples. According to Britt(2008)

Those events which are not reasonably logical and people held it regarding the occurrence of the events such as ghosts, witchcrafts, superstitions, spirit possession, and astrology etc. The term paranormal describes the phenomena, which – if valid – infringe basic restrictive principles of science (Broad, 1949; Tobayck, 1995).There are some beliefs which are proven scientifically wrong by the science and people still believe in the existence of these belief and there is no solid evidence that support the presence of these paranormal beliefs like astrology, ghosts, aliens and UFOs. Then why paranormal beliefs are common among people if it lack solid evidence?. The main reason for the presence of the paranormal belief is the media which forces the individuals to believe in these incidents. Many horror movies nowadays claims that these incidents are based on actual life events which further facilitates the interest of the peoples.

According to Britt(2008) that the human being constantly tries to understand things and when the brain is unable to do so, it comes up with peculiar or unrealistic explanations. The paranormal beliefs that the people hold are beliefs in astrology, UFOs, monsters, ghosts, witchcrafts, aliens, life on other planets which are most common among people and people have claimed that they have sighted these paranormal activities. Astrology is the most common paranormal belief. The meaning of the word astrology is “knowledge of stars”, information that is given about the individual’s past, present and future by studying the position of the stars and planets in the sky(Crane, n.d). Astrology and astronomy are quite different from one another.

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Everything which is present outside of the earth’s atmosphere, such as galaxies, stars, planets etc; and the relationship and properties of those outer space bodies is known as astronomy. There studies are based on research and observations. On the other hand the belief that the positioning of the stars and planets affects the events occurring on the earth is known as astrology. According to, in 1645 BC, Babylonian are known as the earliest originators of astrology.

The concept of astrology interpretation concept was first initiated by Chinese(Watson, 2012).


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