Though of nature and how these abilities can

Though I was born in Yerevan: The capital city of my homenation, Armenia; Majority of my life’s impactful occasions took place in a cityof multiethnicity, opportunity, and diversity- Dubai that is.

Moreover, inaddition to my settlement in Dubai, having had the chance to explore severaldifferent nations across the globe, such as Russia, U.S.A, etc. was also anabsolute gargantuan factor that had displayed my progression and product of mydiversity that has been applied towards the community of my settlement. Hencewhy, with both these aspects assorted together, I strongly do believe that thismixture would enhance the evident visibility of my diversified settings ofnature and how these abilities can engage perfectly with the University ofTexas- Austin.

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To begin with, having had the opportunity to travel tomultiple nations and locations worldwide/locally enabled me to observedifferent cultures and mindsets through a globally-viewed perspective, thusfurther compiling the feasibilities of my diversified knowledge applicationtowards my fellow community members, such as my neighbors, fellow settlers onthe same street, etc. A great example of this demonstration, was when I hadtoured across the city of Al-Masdar: Located from a 20-minute drive from mysettlement, it is a city powered by solar equipment and packed with sustainabledevices only. Throughout my observation of these features in this futuristiccity, I could not help but to think of how our (My settlement) little yethard-working community could have applied this physiognomy in our places ofliving, to reach to a potential maximum universal mindset. It was these abruptyet useful thoughts – with relativity towards my environment- that had aided meto shape into the person of my current state. In addition to traveling to different cities/nations, thecommunities of the cities that I lived in are certainly an essential role in mydistinctiveness as a product. For instance, my fellow friends in my latestsecondary school- that is The Winchester School-, appear from many diversecultural backgrounds/nationalities- such as India, Egypt, Colombia, Romania,etc. With these implications of the variety of historical backgrounds that myfellow friends have come from, I find myself to have attained enough knowledgeto develop my standards of innovative and anticipation skills.

Moreover, sinceI have derived from a Gregorian-Christian Armenian generation- currently only2,000+ of this heritage in the United Arab Emirates-, and have been the onlyArmenian student in The Winchester School for the past 3 years, one couldproclaim myself as being an influential-diverse individual in the nearbydistricts/community. Thereby permitting myself to play a persuasive role in theenrichment of other individuals’ development across my school and mysurrounding environment.In conclusion, the colossal amount of traveling across theglobe/nation and the vast number of cultural backgrounds present in my place ofliving, spawned in understandings of diverse perspectives of mine, thusindulging myself to develop into an individual with great innovational andanticipation skills. Regardless of the skills that I possess from thesefactors, other minuscule yet beneficial influences – such as my historicalbackground, my family background, etc.- have enacted a major aspect in mypersonal characteristics (as well as others), therefore shaping me into theperson that I am now.

What I assuredly hope to accomplish with the diversitythat I may bring across the University of Texas-Austin, is to inaugurate arepresentation of an uncommon Armenian national to fellow students of theuniversity.


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