Three of views cycle between flash back

Three idiots is an India movie where the theme is parental expectation and friendship. It is related to the real society in most Asia countries. The beginning of the film starts with a short story as a clue to brief what is going to happen next. After going through the story, there are a lot of the fields of views cycle between flash back and present. The other thing I look at is that the soundtrack is perfectly present in this film because when something happen in the film, the music always could be matched. Even though we understand there are quite a lot of singing parts of music in India movie, It still professionally suits to this film.

However, in this film review, I am going to describe the story of this film clearly at the first. Secondly, I will tell you the things that audience could learn and how the film impacts the audience. Basically, the second paragraph will mostly around the audience. Last part of the film review, I am going to describe how film critics use their own tone, voice, judgment, rankings.. Overall, I want to share all my opinions about “Three Idiots” to you. There are three most important characters in this film which is just on the top of the photo, Farhan Qureshi, Raju Rastogi and Rancho from left to right respectively.

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Basically, the story is mostly around them. As I have talked at the first, the reason why director shows the film cycling is that he wants to make us understand the short story at the beginning. Otherwise, audience will not know what is going on between previous and present. The detail of the first part is that an actor calls Farhan and Raju and say “I found Rancho, if you want to meet him please go to the IMC right now.” Farhan runs away from the airplane and Raju wakes up immediately just for meeting Rancho. However, when they arrive they didn’t even see Rancho there, they just meet their classmate stand there. Obviously, Farhan and Raju are so angry to him but the only thing their classmate shows them is a wall that engrave “September 5” on it. Until here, it still makes us motivate to watch it because audience always wants to find out why they do this.

Then, reminded Farhan and Raju the scenes for ten years ago, the classmate has sworn that he is going to be more successful than three of them. Additionally, the classmate win Farhan and Raju but they don’t know weather he wins Rancho or not. Finally, the classmate tells them he know where Rancho is so they start to drive to his place. During the distance traveled, the film shows the story when they back to college time, a lot of crazy things they have done together even Rancho and Farhan steal the final exam form school principal’s office and the key is given them from principal’s daughter. There are a lot of sad and happy things that three of them has all faced together. It is all according to parental expectation and friendship. Before they arrive at Rancho’s house, their classmate tells them his company is going to corporate with a scientist called Wando. This is a big clue for this film because the real Rancho is not Rancho, it is actually called Wando.

So who is Rancho? Rancho is Wando’s neighbourhood and Rancho knows Wando is good at studying so Rancho’s parent pay money for Wando to finish his son’s schoolwork. Therefore, the real Rancho tells them where to find Wando. By the time when Farhan and Raju know their friend is not named Rancho, their classmate is not there, so he doesn’t know what happened. The last thing before they drive to meet Wando is that they go to find their school principal’s daughter but the principal’s daughter doesn’t know if Wando has married or not because they loved each other since ten years ago. Finally, the end of this film they meet Wando and their classmate find out he lose the bet from ten years ago because Rancho (Wando) is more successful than him. As I have just brief the whole film, I believe that lots of audience included me could understand the film deeply without watching second time, especially the audience who are living in the same society in eastern countries. Our parents are exactly the same as the main actors’ parents in the film because we live in competition every moment.

I have found out that there are three groups of people are the particular audience who are students, parents and teachers (, 2016). I believe each group of the audience has learnt different thing. For example, students learn how to stress out and learn how to communicate with their parent which means explain more what you want to do in the future. Don’t just do the job for your parent, students need to understand that is their life. The other example is for the audience of parents, parents should understand how to guarantee their children correctly.

To summarise what I mean, “three idiots” is a typical Indian movie which has danced and sang a lot but the director still displays the Indian cultural stuffs and something accordingly to real society. According to the critics use their own tone, voice, judgement and ranking from IMDB, there are a huge amount of members that has rated the movie from 1/10 to 10/10 (IMDb, n.d.

). I have read different rates of this film, I think it is better to summarise the rates of 1/10, 5/10 and 10/10 because these three kinds of rates must have a very significance reason to rates like extremely high or low. Firstly, in the rates of 1/10, there are a few people say that they have high expectations for Bollywood but “Three idiots” was disappointing to them. On the other hands, there are the other groups of audience say that this film was suppose to be comedy but after they watch it they think the funny part wasn’t that funny for them so they rated it as 1 out of 10.

Secondly, the audience who rated 5/10 that mostly think the film is good but not good enough. There are a few audience mention the Bollywood’s movies that smartly be attracted to audience by romance and dancing and singing but it will show the story are not strong and clear enough. Lastly, even though we understand audience could extremely love a film, we are still curious the reason why they give a film such high rates. There are some feedback saying that they enjoyed in the all laughing, crying and even thinking as well. On the other hands, some of audience focus on how the actor professionally acts and how amazing the flash back and present developed. To sum up, each audience has their own way to judge it, thus when we want to watch a movie, we don’t need to be restricted by those audience who has already watched it. We only need their feedback to be a reference, so if you really want to watch just follow your heart. In conclusion, I would say I rate it as 9/10 because there is nothing perfect in the world, even though I have watched “Three idiots” for more than ten times.

I never feel bored while I watch it again and again, it makes me cry and feel different every time when I watch it. Back to the introduction, since the first time I watched, I could only feel the students in the film are as poor as me. However, the third or fifth time I watched, I understand the value of friendship. Then, the last time I watched was before I started to write my film review, I feel more and more than other times I watched. I understand the parental expectation, students pressure, parents pressure, friendship, value of the family and even the importance of communication between human being.


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