Through the middle class Britsh society. This experience,

Through a critical reading of Kureishi ‘s works , one can easily notes the effect of his own experience in depicting the racial and cultural clashes of the middle class Britsh society. This experience, as stated by Surbhi Sharma who has published Hanif Kureishi Biography, enabled him to enrich his knowledge of the social structures of multicultural London .The racial issues, multiculturalism, sexuality and sexual desires, social classes in Britain and struggles between them and redefining what does it means to be British are among the main topics that Kureishi ‘s work frequently treat ( Jan6) .Although his honesty, Kureishi has been accused for his severedelineation of the British society and human nature. NahemYousaf in his Hanif Kureishi’s The Buddha of Suburbia argues that Kureishi has asserted that he is not presenting a certain ethnical, racial or religious group but a small part which is reasonably chosen( Jan8) .On the other hand , Morten Jacob Sander Andersen et al.,write in a study called The Buddha of Suburbia: Cultural Identity in a Multicultural Society that:Kureishi in his interviews does not hide the fact that he likes to explore other thanconservative perception of these issues; his works draw protests, despite theircommercial and general success, and often become subject of controversial discussions, sometimes being accused of creating negative stereotypes ( Jan6).


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