Through Him and signifies the grace of the

Through Baptism, one becomes slave to the divine Master, a soldier of Christ in his army, a sheep in the Good Shepherd’s flock. It is a gift once impressed cannot be lost. It can never be repeated.

It is sets the recipient apart form others who have not received it. The baptised is now a child of God. We are more like Christ in a new way. We are enabled to do what we are meant to do as a result of receiving the sacrament. SlidesAccording to St. Paul, thought Baptism, the believer enters into communion with Christ’s death and is buried with Him.

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(CCC#1227)The sign of the cross with the chrism marks the imprint of Christ on the one who is going to belong to Him and signifies the grace of the redemption won for us by His cross. SlidesFive realities are celebrated in Baptism. The welcoming of the newly baptised in the the Christian community, a life-long conversion, a rebirth to a new identity, sharing in Jesus’ mission and receiving the gift of the Spirit. SlidesBaptism is necessary for salvation. Through this sacrament, one becomes a member of Christ’s body which is the fullest means of salvation. Christ died for all and all are offered salvation through the Paschal Mystery, in ways that are known to God.



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