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Through his writing of the story “The Man Who Would Be King” Kipling conveyed his message of how he felt about the British Empire through figurative language. Figurative language is defined as using a word or phrase which doesn’t have its normal literal meaning. I definitely feel his attitude towards the British Empire was negative. I believe he used Dravot and Peachy as a metaphor in the sense that they represented the British Empire. I also believe the way he grew up could have also impacted his view on the British Empire considering Kipling grew up in India that was under the ruling of the British Empire. When you are young a lot of things you learn are impacted on the views of your current situation of you and the one’s you spend a lot of time with such as his family. He could have taken in a lot of opinions from other people and gradually started to feel that way himself under that ruling of the British Empire. Kipling displays the unhappiness of their ruling through his word choices as well.There were states that were still part of the empire, but ruled themselves. India was one of the most important territories for Britain, it however was highly populated So Britain couldn’t have just walked in and take over everything, they made alliances.

“We are not little men, and there is nothing that we are afraid of except Drink, and we have signed a contrack on that, Therfore we are going away to be Kings”. I found the above quote from the story to be of extreme importance because it showed Peachy and Dravot in connection of the British Empire and how Kipling perhaps saw how the Empire thought in decided to gain control of other regions. Dravot and Peachy found India to be too small for their liking’s so they went about and gained rifles to use in their advantage. Like the British Empire we all know they captured a lot of these regions with a strong army and what not, Dravot and Peachy started off strong in their rule, even then though there was a priest who questioned their legitimacy. Dravot one of the brothers though became too strong in the notion of power, and even his brother Peachy begin to look at him in a different way, and they started to somewhat drift apart which could have been a representation of of the British Empire lacking communication. At first Dravot and Peachy referred to a contract, they had good intentions to follow it and not to do anything that violated their contract much like the British Empire that had good intentions as well.

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This story is based on imperialism, which is a policy of extending a country’s power and influence through diplomacy or military force. The British Empire came upon many region’s through military force one of which Kipling inhabited when he was younger. He conveyed that in his novella when Peachy and Dravot came in with the guns and were shooting off the enemy’s of the natives so that they were able to come in with new tech unchallenged to claim their land basically, and be kings.


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