Through the idea of the council towards

Through the local newspaper of Lawton, The Mayor, Councillor Alexendra Wiley has approached that the bypass was isolating the town. The council’s purpose is to persuade the residents of Lawton to support the idea of building a giant attraction so as to develop the town’s economy. The town of Lawton is famous for the quality of fruits and vegetables, therefore the council wants the town of Lawton to develop economically.
First and foremost, the particular of words such as ‘backwater’ and ‘ghost town’ with a negative connotation shows the negative effects that will the dark side of the town and how terrifying it is when facing the issue. Both of the words paints a bleak picture of the town’s future, which is likely to position the residents of Lawton to worry about the town’s economic prospect if no actions are taken. Moreover, ‘we want tourists’ and ‘we need their money’ demonstrates the idea of the council towards residents of Lawton, which is develop the town economically so that they can have a joyful life. Besides, the writer also successfully include the tone of enthusiasm in the sentence ‘we want tourists and, to be blunt, we need their money’. The writer used the tone to expresses her passion towards the economic development of the town, and also the desire to improve the quality of life for residents in Lawton. The writer combines inclusive language ‘we’ with expectations of the residents. The effect is to make the residents feels the importance of giant attraction towards the economic development of the town and encourage the residents to agree with the proposal made by them.
The council has addressed that the towns with giant attractions are essential as it will allure more visitors. From the outset, the mayor proclaim that their products are ‘luscious’ and ‘succulent’, which means having rich taste and juicy. Both of the words shows the enthusiastic evaluation of the town’s produce is likely to inspire a sense of pride on the readers. Additionally, the highly emotive words ‘thriving’ means develop vigorously. Describing them as ‘thriving’ will show the advantages of giant attraction; the reader is therefore positioned to feel exciting and optimistic towards the giant attraction and to persuade those who does not agree. Furthermore, ‘towns with giant attractions receive 20% more visitors’, the council also use evidence as a persuasive technique, which is statistics. By using this evidence, it will be more effective to convince the residents to believe the benefits when having a giant attraction in the town. Seeing the data from an objective source, the audience might be positioned to appreciate the mayor’s credibility in claiming the giant attraction’s potency. Other than that, ‘we have to protect our lifestyle’ shows appeal to the sense of community, which the mayor tries to encourage the residents of Lawton to unite, so that the town will become better. In addition, the mayor also used this sentence to let the residents feel passionate about the giant attraction and their bright future.
According to the picture, it shows the town of Lawton. As you can see, the giant watermelon is the top-rated attraction in the town, and it also represents the landmark of Lawton. Obviously, there are many visitors standing at the entrance of the giant watermelon, as well as taking photos as souvenir. Additionally, the writer has positioned the audience to feel the prosperity of Lawton after having giant attraction in town. Moreover, the car going to the town of Lawton also implies the success of giant attraction. The expressions and actions of the two visitors symbolize the excitement and curiousness towards the giant watermelon. Furthermore, the fresh watermelon farm plays an important role as it is located opposite of the giant watermelon. Without a doubt, all visitors going to giant watermelon will also visit the fresh watermelon farm, because the farm is also one of the spectacular attractions in the town of Lawton. Therefore, the residents of Lawton will feel more optimistic about their future as the town is developing.

In a nutshell, the mayor emphasized significantly that the town needs to build giant attraction in order to attract more visitors and develop economically. The mayor had successfully give a range of ideas within the community to address the problem, as well as using persuasive technique to persuade the residents of Lawton to support the idea.

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