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Throughout literature, cinematics, and religion the structure of monomyth can be identified. The vast differences of themes, culture, and writing styles, can all be compared in the sense of the hero journey. Similar archetypes can be identified as well, such as, ego, unconscious, conscious, shadow, and self, which most hero inhabit, either aware or unaware they contain these archetypals.

This monomythic structure can be shown through the movie, Jurassic World and Superman, though both pieces of cinematics don’t follow the same structure nor journey. Both demonstrate the steps the hero, Owen Grady and Clark Kent must take to obtain the overall knowledge and greatness. Multiple themes can be pulled from each movie, these include power, wisdom, amazement, and science. But, the overall riding theme that stands out present in both movies is leadership. Owen Grady from Jurassic World, demonstrates this leadership role when his ex-girlfriends, Claire Dearing loses her nephews, Gray and Zach in the park. Shortly after, the Indominus Rex, a hybrid dinosaur thats extremely deadly has escaped its enclosure. Owen becomes a leader, helping Claire find her lost nephews from potential death. In comparison, Clark Kent from Superman, saves Lois Lane from death.

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Lex Luthor a super villain, takes controls of multiple nukes and shoots them off, causing earthquakes and rockslides to occur. While Clark Kent, now Superman tries obtain the detonator from Lex, Lois is currently in a car trying to escape. Though it is too late and the rock slide smothers her to death. Superman takes control and becomes a prominent leader of her life by breaking the rules of his father, Jor El, by reversing time. By doing this, making the earth spin counter clockwise, Lois Lane is brought back to live. The themes of these protagonists play a key role in the form of leaderships in the people’s lives around them.

Both follow the hero’s journey and contain similar yet different steps in the way they are beesched to their leadership prominences. As each protagonist enters there adventure, both begin with the stage, the call to adventure. During this stage, there is a cause for the hero to leave their state of comfort, in which they need to leave to overall transform into a better form (Bray January 10). Owen Grady’s call to adventure begins with the park ower, Masarani asks Owen to help come and study the habits of the Indominus Rex, since its a hybrid, the behaviors can be haphazard. The situation is urgent because they need an expert to better help understand the habits of the creature and its interactions with humans.

Similar to Clark Kent’s call to adventure, Clark’s home planet Krypton is going to explode within thirty days, therefore his father sends him to Earth where he will have advantages over the normal human. On Earth, Clark will learn how to be a human, but still protect the world from inappropriate actions. Both protagonists were set as leaders, either because of being forced to the role or destiny. In contrasts, Owen Grady is working with a highly dangerous creature, while Clark Kent is trying to improve the human races, and take out any of the impurities of human actions that exist. On this unhinged journey, both heros needs helpers or guides of the supernatural aids. These can be animals, ghosts, or gods that help the hero stay on track and help the hero in the environments that they are in (Bray January 10). Both cinematics are similar in the way that both of the helpers or guides are of the more godly figure. Owen Grady’s prehistoric hero is Rexy, a tyrannosaurus rex that is present throughout all the Jurassic Parks and Jurassic World.

Rexy, saves Owen from the Indominus Rex, after she kills almost all of his velociraptors, that are like children to him. Right before the Indominus Rex is about to kill Owen, Rexy comes out of nowhere and defends Owen from the deadly hybrid. Rexy saves Owen, acting as a supernatural aid, coming out of nowhere to better help Owen stay on his journey of saving people and other dinosaurs around the park.

In comparison, Clark Kent’s supernatural aid is Jor El, his biological father. Jor El acts as an aid by allowing Clark to survive, by sending him to Earth in a space vessel. He does this because he knows that its best for his son to stay alive and better help Earth. Jor El says, “Do not punish yourself for your feelings of vanity.

Simply learn to control them” (Donner). Better helping Clark stay focused on his heroic journey throughout the monomyth structure to become the an important leader on Earth, similar like his father on Krypton. In contrast, both supernatural aids are different, one is a father on another planet and the other he’s a dinosaur. But, despite their appearance, both assist each of the protagonists along their journeys. The helpers or guides are vital in the functioning of the hero, but there’s other steps a hero must take by himself to become superior. The hero must go through a series of tests that will better prepare the hero for the future, helping the hero understand and gain knowledge on the complications during their journey. This is known in the monomyth as the road of trials, where the hero must develop a set of skills to help with the future of his journey and life (Bray January 10).

Owen Grady while traveling down the road of trials, hits many bumps that challenge him to become better and develop a stronger relationships with the people around him. In search of Claire’s escaped nephews, traveling through the park by foot, the encounter the Indominus Rex. The Indominus Rex chases them throughout the park, Owen has to think quick about what to do with a meat eating dinosaur chasing him. He decides at first to hide in an abandoned building with Claire. Owen then says to Claire, “If something chases you – RUN” (Trevorrow). Once they think the coast is clear, the run again, but the Indominus follows yet again.

It is then when Owen ponders what to do next, and develops a character trait, strength, while running. Both Owen and Claire approach a waterfall and decide if they want to live they need to jump off. Clark Kent surmises plans quickly in times of danger similar to that of Owen Grady. Clark’s road of trials begins when Lex Luthor obtains a nuke detonator and threatens to blow up the Earth. He sets of multiple nukes which causes an earthquake.

Jor El tells Clark, “Your help would be called for endlessly, even for those problems which human beings could solve themselves.” Inferring that his quick thinking and intelligence can help save the world. Lois Lane, trying to escape from these disasters, ends up getting caught. Similar to Owen and Claire trying to escape the Indominus Rex, but get caught up hiding in a building. Lois driving in her car, gets trapped in a ditch caused by the earthquake. Rocks and dirt fall on top of her and smothered her, causing Lois to die. Clark Kent, now Superman devises a plan after seeing Lois dead, he reverses time by flying around the Earth in a counter clockwise direction. Both protagonists had to think of a plan quickly to save themselves or their loved ones from potential death.

The road of trials, yet dangerous and tests the hero, helps the hero become greater in the sense of wisdom and strength, blessing the hero with traits that is needed for the completion of their journey. Though these protagonists tests aren’t identical, both are similar in the sense that both have to think quickly in times of danger, that will ultimately prepare them for the road ahead. The most similar stage in each of the movies is the ultimate boon. This occurs occurs when the hero finally achieves the goal of the quest. The hero receives the prize that he or she has been after. The boon may come in the form a physical rewards, but will more importantly include a mental or emotional reward (Bray January 10). Owen and Claire both discover their ultimate boon when in a situation of danger.

Back in the central area of the park, as an ornithological reserve broke, release various forms of flying dinosaurs such as pteradons. Claire is getting attacked by the pteranodons trying to scoop her up, screaming, fearing death. Owen runs in and saves Claire from potential death and both kiss, at this moment both Owen and Claire find the ultimate boon. Owen says during this moment, “We should probably stay together. For survival” (Trevorrow). Owen and Claire realize that even though their past relationships was bumpy, the need one another now more than ever. Uncovering the overriding theme, love, which is more powerful than anything the world can toss at them. Clark Kent and Lois Lane both experience this in almost an identical way.

Similar to an experience in Clark’s road of trials, Lois Lane is trying to escape from potential dangers and ends up getting caught between an earthquake and rockslide. Lois driving in her car, gets trapped in a ditch caused by the earthquake. Rocks and dirt fall on top of her and smothered her, causing Lois to die. Clark Kent, now Superman devises a plan after seeing Lois dead, he reverses time by flying around the Earth in a counter clockwise direction.

When Lois becomes alive once again, she says, “If you need a friend… I’m the one to fly to. If you need to be loved..

. here I am” (Donner). She then looks Clark in the eyes, both as well, just like Owen and Claire kiss. Both now couples discover their ultimate boon which is love. In contrast, both ultimate boons were not the same in some parts, for example both occurs in different worlds, Earth and the prehistoric world. But, both couples realize that they need each other more than anyone else, love isn’t affected by time or place, it is unconditional and random in the way it acts. By the virtue of each hero’s journey, each protagonist is able to gain more control, knowledge, and strength in their own lives.

As shown, both movies and their characters may not be physically the same or not even from the same time period. But, both follow the same journey, going through all the phases of monomyth. Owen from being called to the park, to helping an escape case, and then falling in love with Claire, follows all 17 stages of the monomyth and is able to complete the full transformation.  Corresponding to Clark Kent’s journey, both follow the same amount of steps in the completion of the journey. Clark is able to take control of Lois’s life, becoming a influential leader to her and the people around him.

Owen becomes a leader of the velociraptors and Claire life, which in both stories ends up with each protagonists finding love with one another. The journey of heros undergoing transformation can be seen throughout many different works of literature, culture, religion, and movies. Where the hero completes all the stages of the journey to become the master of his or her life and the people around them.


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