Throughout goal has occurred in all types

Throughout history, humans have had a strong tradition of voluntarily banding together for enforcing their democratic rights, supporting a cause, or even for economic gain. This act of solidarity to achieve a shared goal has occurred in all types of political systems. Beyers and Binderkrantz (2013:371) also stated that “Interest groups constitute important channels for mobilizing citizens”. Ideally, they work to ensure that the views of a wide range of citizens are considered in democratic processes.

Navigating the political terrain to influence public policy can be almost impossible alone. Many people join with likeminded individuals in interest groups. Interest groups are also called pressure groups because they exert pressure on policy makers to influence public policies and to give benefits to the individuals.The promotion of democracy over the years was done by a range of interest groups and the strength and support they get from the public enabled them to carry on enforcing and promoting democracy. In south Africa interest groups are further the mouthpiece of the public like any other democratic countries, Therefore (Harcourt 2016:01) stated that in the United States of America interest groups work closely with members of Congress and the administration to draft legislation and policy initiatives, provide information both to government and the public on a broad range of topical issues, and contribute significantly to political campaigns and political campaigns to the public .

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The number of interest groups has grown dramatically in recent years, and the promotion of democracy became even more important to the citizens of South Africa.


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