Throughout disqualified when two of our teammates

Throughout my life I have encountered the opportunity to take initiation and lead.

I enjoyed being on top of events and I managed to do so because I perfected team work. It was due to my social skills mostly that I was always chosen by my classmates as their class representative and in sports as their team captain. I was always able to motivate everyone around me and simplify tasks by setting tangible milestones and then involve everybody to ensure maximum productivity.

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In high school, these skills were put to test when we passed through to the finals in a local mathematics contest . We were faced with the possibility of being disqualified when two of our teammates took ill. I succeeded in convincing the board committee to give us a chance if we could arrange for the event to take place in the hospital. I then took charge of the coordination with hospital administration, the settings and the transportation of the other parties involved. My gift of recognizing each one’s abilities and inclinations in the team had made my task as a monitor in that particular job a rewarding one.

After enormous efforts we delivered an impeccable work ; our teammates were so happy they could participate and they felt empowered to do their best despite their condition; patients and hospital staff had a chance to refill their energy and boost their morale; and most of all, our head master and teachers couldn’t be prouder that we were able to bring the trophy home. Our deliberation as a team and the bigger picture I was able to draw had made a better leader out of me. I learned to listen and to be more sympathetic of others. I strengthened some of my skills as a result: I proved to being able to work under pressure and meet targets, I discovered my problem solving assets and I became more assertive and communicative with others.

The responsibilities of a leader are very demanding but in order for anyone to be a good leader, he or she need to lead from the front and set an example to follow and if these two principles are performed well, everyone else will fall into place. So I believe that it was also important to my friends that I was authentic and reliable in the sense that I always maintained a consistent image of who I was and I even managed to have the adversary share our victory by the sportsmanship we demonstrate.


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