Throughout even more controversial procedures: liposuctions rose to

Throughout the article the author uses strong appeals to logos, with facts and numbers. The author points out numbers of how the cosmetic surgical procedures performed on teens age 18 or younger increased:” The latest figures from the American Society for Aesthetic plastic surgery show that the number of cosmetic surgical procedures performed on youth 18 or younger more than tripled over a 10-year period, to 205,119 in 2007 from 59,890 in 1997.

This includes even more controversial procedures: liposuctions rose to 9,295 from 2,504, and breast augmentations increased nearly sixfold, to 7,882 from 1,326.” (p.1 l. 19-23).

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These numbers support that the increase of cosmetic surgical procedures among teen. Along with the strong appeals to logos, the author also uses pathos. The author uses pathos to show us and the receivers how undergoing a surgery can be life threatening and put our health at risk: “… Amy Fledderman of Pennsylvania, who died in 2001 of fat embolism syndrome after undergoing liposuction, and Stephanie Kuleba of Florida, who died last spring from complications because of anesthesia used during aa breast augmentation and inverted nipple surgery.” (p.1, l.

23-26). In this quote, it is clear that the message of this article is that to avoid surgery because it can be dangerous for our lives.Adding to the author’s logos and pathos appeals, the author also uses strong appeal of ethos. The author uses many sources that strengthen the credibility of the article and appeal form of ethos. The source includes:” Dr. Frederick Lukash, a plastic surgeon in New York, Kristen of River Edge, N.

J,”, a book on teenagers and preteenagers and Dr. Richard D’Amico, a plastic surgeon in Englewood, N.J.” The author mentions in the article stories and uses by plastic surgeons and some teens who had the surgery. This makes the article more believable.


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