Throughout her and her day to day

Throughout the passage, the author uses specific words and ad rem diction to portray how Marie Laurie depicts everything and everyone despite the fact that she is blind, can physically cannot see what she is interacting with.

The author uses his eloquent word choice to impart on the idea that Marie Laurie still has an enlightened sense of the world, while not being able to physically see it like most people. He utilizes words such as “brilliance” and “radiance” throughout the excerpt to transmit how she views the world, as someone who is blind,  to the reader. The author’s diction choice contributes to how the character views and interacts with the world, he uses words with a positive connotation to turn her blindness into something that is not a curse, but more beautiful.  The authors choice of diction throughout the passage is used to show the reader Marie Laurie’s depiction of the world as someone who is blind. He employs these ideas by using words such as “imaginary,” consistently to show the reader how she can see it there mentally, in defiance of the fact that she can physically not see what is surrounding her. He does this in line 2 of the passage when he states  “Marie-Laure draws maps in her head, unreels a hundred yards of imaginary twine, and then turns and reels it back in.” his expo of diction in this specific line is used to show how the girl in the story uses herself and her surroundings to     be able to see, while not being able to physically see.

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On line 24 of the passage, she talks about the ” trees she and her father pass on their morning walk are shimmering kaleidoscopes, each needle a polygon of light.” The words kaleidoscopes and shimmering are both words that are associated with the sight of objects, generally light. These could of been selected by the author to display how she turns her disability into something positive, rather than a detriment to her and her day to day life. When describing her mother, who she is no longer around, she uses the words “white,” which again has an uplifting and positive connotation generally. She also uses the words “soundless brilliance,” which is her way of beautifully describing her mother and how she was. The author also uses diction to describe the father by using a large array of colors.

He says that “Her father radiates a thousand colors, opal, strawberry red, deep russet, wild green.” This is used to assess the father as a person in a different way. Notwithstanding, the author assess’ Marie Laurie’s challenges in a positive, light way, that many people may not realize.

He is able to broaden their perspective to how she views the world while not being able to physically view it.


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