Thuy history The creation/primeval history, the first

Thuy Luong BIBL 105 – C04 LUO Professor Joseph Pendley October 15, 2018 Old Testament Timeline Narrative Rough DraftCreation/primeval historyThe creation/primeval history, the first eleven chapters of the Book of Genesis, describes the first years of the world’s creation and existence. It explains how God created the world, the man, the woman and the animals.

That is the origin of the universe as well as the origin of the man. And then, the sins enter the created orders and it continues. It also talks about the descendants. The Patriarchal PeriodAccording to the narratives of Genesis 12-50, this time is the era of the three biblical Patriarchs, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. The chapters also include the history of Joseph, although Joseph is not one of the Covenantal Patriarchs. At this period, the Jewish patriarchs – Abraham down through his great-grandchildren – were alive.

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This time was probably during the period sometimes called Middle Bronze Age, around 2100 – 1800 BC. Egyptian Bondage and ExodusIn this timeline, a new Pharaoh did not know that Joseph enslaves Israel out of fear and kills their newborns, so Moses’s mom must send him away to protect him. Then, he is called by God to return to free the Israelites. The Conquest and Period of the Judges- Opens with Israel on the threshold of the Promised Land and settle here. – The story is separated to two parts: the excitement and fear of Israel when they go to new place, the other one covering the book of Judges. – Even though the Israel enters to the land with a series of victories, they do many sins and then they need the judges from God. They also ask for a King for their lands but it cannot be true.

United MonarchyThis time has another name, “Kingdom of Israel”, when the United Kingdom split in two, with Israel in the North and Judah in the South. The time is about 1050 – 930 BC. The capital of the land is Geba (1030 – 1010 BC), Hebron (1010 – 1003 BC) and Jerusalem. The Kings are King Saul (1030 – 1010BC), King Ishbaal (1010 – 1008 BC), King David (1008 – 970 BC), King Solomon (970 – 931 BC) and Rehoboam (931 – 930 BC). The Divided Kingdom through the Pre-Exilic PeriodIn this time, the Kingdom of Israel is divided into two kingdoms, the north and the south. Solomon’s son, Rehoboam, is made the new king of Israel, increase the yoke placed upon them, and the weight splits the kingdom asunder. In the North, ten tribes make up the Northern Kingdom and keep the name “Israel” when the South has different name, “Judah”.

ExileThis period begins with the Assyrian defeat of the Northern Kingdom of Israel in 772 BC and with the Babylonian defeat of the Southern Kingdom of Judah between 597 and 582 BC. This time also is called “Babylonian Captivity”. According to the Bible, this time is the period in Jewish history during which a number of people from the ancient Kingdom of Judah were captives in Babylonia.

The Post-Exilic PeriodThis is about 538 BC – 1 AD, and is the end of the Babylon. At this time, the temple and walls of Jerusalem are rebuilt.


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