Tissues the cells float in a sea

Tissues have cells that are only similar to the ones in the same type of tissue. For instance, the cells in heart tissues are similar to the cells in heart tissues and not similar to cells in brain tissues. Cells in different tissues also connect to each other differently and do not connect the same way. Shubin brings this up in chapter 7 by stating, “Tissues have all kinds of different cells, which attach to one another in different ways: some regions have strips or columns of cells; in others, cells are randomly scattered and loosely attached to one another. These areas, where cells are loosely packed, are often filled with materials that give each tissue itscharacteristic physical properties.

“(Shubin 164) What this quote shows is how the cells in tissues attach to each other differently, and that the cells are also made up of their own properties, distancing themselves from cells from other tissue. The author provides an example of the different cellular arrangement of tissues by talking about the skeleton. Within the skeleton, the cells float in a sea of hydroxyapatite, collagen, and other molecules. Some cells are separated while others connected together, the bone cells of the skeleton stick together with little molecular rivets which are different compared to cells in other tissues. Looking at the evidence in the book, it’s obvious that the cells within tissues are different and connect distinctive from other tissue cells.

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