Title: take orders and subtract items out

Title: Inventory Management SystemsAssignment name: week 2Student Name: Alhaji SannohCourse Name: CIS 210Professor Name: Bob HofkinDate: 07/16/2018 A flow chart is for describing logic in a programAutomated Inventory Management Technology. Automated systems are intended for deployment when a business transfers goods, if not thousands of products and raw materials during operation. As a result, computerized systems rely on computer-based tracking and tracing technologies, like barcodes, to provide information and manage the flow of goods. Also, inventory management systems may include the use of automated identification and data capture (AIDC) technologies, including radio-frequency identification (RFID) chips. This Software inventory management solutions replace manual pen-and-paper systems; it also reduced the time required to account for inventory additions and subtractions.The average budget to set up this system is simple to identify. One laptop and a desktop computer, broadband modem, wireless router, three barcode scanners, two barcode printer, regular printer and secure internet service. Inflow inventory system from Archon Systems is always the smartest way to begin.

This software helps to take orders and subtract items out of the inventory with a single click. The software also generates reports, one of which will show the demand for a given product. Remember to set up the laptop and desktop with wireless internet access which will enable to conduct sales and do inventory at the same time using a wireless barcode scanner.equipment to set up an accurate inventory management system:1. Laptop/Desktop Computer- Laptop or computer with wireless access allow to manage sales and create or manage inventory items.2. broadband– The wireless router will secure wireless access point for the laptop or computer.

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That alters laptop to be mobile for inventory goals.3. Barcode scanner – A barcode scanner is an electronic device for reading printed barcodes. This barcode scanner is done with the laptop for sales and inventory.4. Barcode label printer – A barcode label printer is computer hardware for printing barcode labels/tags that will be attached to the inventory.

5. Printers/ Faxes – This equipment is utilized for making an order, send faxes, print receipts, reports, etc…

This material costs a portion of the earnings. If the business has a large budget, that will allow for a more accurate, user-friendly and secure system . for an average budget that involves my sister, these are some prices for the equipment:1- Laptop/desktop computerdesktop computer $379.99 at BestBuyDell – Inspiron 21.5″ Touch-Screen All-In-One – AMD E2-Series – 4GB Memory – 1TB Hard Drive – BlackLaptop $649.99 bestbuyDell – Inspiron 15.

6″ Laptop – Intel Core i5 – 8GB Memory – NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti – 256GB Solid State Drive – Black2- broadband -$99.99 office depot. Netgear C3700 2-In-1 Wi-Fi Router And DOCSIS 3.

0 Cable Modem The media link provides fast speed and reliable variety. It will connect computers, wireless printers, and other Wi-Fi devices. Get all the speed you need from your cable provider without paying monthly modem rental fees. This 2-in-1 dual-band WiFi router and DOCSIS 3.0 cable modem unleashes 8x faster download speeds up to 340 Mbps faster, smoother WiFi, and works with all primary cable Internet providers.3- USB Barcode Scanner $149.

99–. NUSCAN 4100B Bluetooth Waterproof Barcode Scanner. Interface TypeBluetooth 3.0Minimum Bar Width3.

937 milScan Element TypeVisible laser diodeLight Source Wave Length630 nmScan Speed200 scan / secMax Working Distance12 in.4- Barcode Label printer – DYMO label writer 450 turbos high speed for $154 Overstock. DYMO Label version 8 software enables you to create and print address, shipping, file, folder and barcode labels.5- Printer –best buy $99.99 a Brother HL 2270 DW compact Laser Printer with Wireless Networking and Duplex. We can use it for many purposes such as printing receipts or reports. Also, we can use it as a fax machine.

Maintenance Maintenance is required. It is essential because the equipment can be damaged or broken for many reasons such as overheat: if they devise works spontaneously for hours, overheated occurred, which the hardware cannot handle. Probably not in the first week but most certainly you can expect failure within months after operation continuously. Equipment or hardware devices take hours or more than 10% of its monthly maintenance budget to repair.

If the computer fails three or more times per month, then the product purchase is not suitable for business. Repairs need to be implemented externally. Equipment is repaired in less than two hours at a cost between 2 and 10% of its monthly maintenance for any standard business budget. If devices fail more than three times per month, this equipment costs less than 2% of its monthly maintenance budget; it can be designated to have it repaired at a later date.

REASONS WHY YOU NEED AUTOMATED INVENTORYMANAGEMENT AND REPORTING1. Maximize scalability2. Decrease human error3. Save timesSoftware Inflows Inventory manages products and inventory. This software organized products with pictures, prices in categories. Inflow quickly handle 10,000 and more product on a regular PC. It uses barcode scanners to manage inventory more expeditiously and accurately.

It is suitable or compatible with most barcode scanners and can be plug into a computer device. This software tracks inventory in multiple locations uses such as sub-locations to more accurately track aisle numbers, bin numbers and much more. While in use, It gives an adequate history of several inventory movements and spontaneously adjustments to track down any problems or theft. It uses an uncomplicated work-flow to take orders and conduct inventory with one click.

The advanced work-flow to track more detailed things like order information, specific preference, and customer returns. It operates faster within designed invoices. It is created to customize logos, color, and suit any business’ style. “Reorder Stock button” is used to automatically generate purchase orders for products that are low in stock.

It guarantees accuracy by printing or emailing purchase orders with both product codes and the vendor’s product codes. Inflow automatically keep track of product costs, using a moving average if they change. It gives an accurate timeline in a diagram such as a graph of sales, profits or inventory levels to see how the business is visually operating.Remember that this software also customizes reports to get detailed information like total sales, total taxes, best-selling products, products on back order, and how long your inventory will last.The Creation Of The System Group of people can work on the same data in real time using multi-user mode. One can restrict who has access to see or modify usage. Inflow allows you to create different login users, each with a different set of access rights such as who can reorder stock, who can obtain sale or can do inventory. Inflow enables the user to rename any labels or messages within the software.

Inflow integrates with Excel or QuickBooks by importing and exporting data in the industry-standard CSV format. This software Inflow is made within three different editions option, such as Essentials, Advanced and Enterprise. I will recommend the purchase of an Enterprise edition for a cost of $599 annual fee. That will allow extensive product listing and up to ten users license. It also provides access to higher reports which can give data on large demand items (inflowinventory.com).The total cost to completely this project will be approximately $2032 .96.desktop computer $379.99Laptop $649.99 best buybroadband -$99.99 office depotUSB Barcode Scanner $149.99Barcode Label printer $154 Overstockof $599 annual fee REFERNCESbestbuy.com, express.google.com/produc,Overstock.com,/www.idscanner.com,www.stitchlabs.com,


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