TITLE: their satisfied clients will attract others clients

TITLE: IMPACT OF AFTER SALE SERVICES OF LAPTOP/COMPUTER ON CUSTOMER SATISFACTION IN BAHRAIN Name: Mustafa Iftikhar Ali               Imaad Arif Arif              Waleed Mohammed Sajid ID: 20142689       20145829       20155188 Section: 05 Submission Date:                 EXECUTIVE SUMMARY:      Consumer loyalty is the key in all organizations. Giving no attention to after-deal administration can and will surely affect the business. Business will not only lose their clients but these same clients will converse with their family and companions (verbal) about their awful experience. Consequently, the business will lose much more clients. In this 21st century, it is simple and fast to pass on the data through online networking.

Be it great or terrible. Not giving great after-deal benefit resembles helping your rivals by giving an advantage to make more profit. From customer relationship point of view, after-sale service is regarded as an important factor that has an impact on establishing good relationships with customers.

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      The fundamental objective of any organization ought to be to ensure that their clients are satisfied, as their satisfied clients will attract others clients to the organization through word of mouth free advertising. Organizations who do not understand the results of after-sale service, loses their client as well as clients near and dear ones in the long run. Customer loyalty is only a unique sort of customer behavior towards the organization. It takes less effort to persuade a loyal client so cost to serve is minimized.      Consumer loyalty depends on perceived administration quality. Service quality is the comparison of expectation with performance. Customer fulfillment depends on apparent administration quality. Service quality is the critical factor for the triumph of the business form.

            In the literature review after-sale services components like warranty, spare parts installation, delivery, feedback and guarantee are found significantly related to overall satisfaction level of after-sale service customers.      In the methodology all the relevant data has been collected through a sample survey of 58 customers purchasing laptop of different brands in Bahrain. The data from the findings and conclusion summarizes that the after-sale services components have a significant effect on customer satisfaction. And according to the result of survey questionnaire, warranty service was found to be most preferred by the customers. The result from this study also shows a positive relationship between customer satisfaction in the after-sale service and rebuying behavior from the company or loyalty of customers. Findings revealed that there is a positive and significant impact of after-deal services on customer satisfaction in laptop products in Bahrain.

            TABLE OF CONTEXT: Introduction Literature review       2.1. Customer satisfaction       2.2. Objectives of after-sale services      2.3. Components of after-sale services Methodology Findings      Figure 1: Gender       Figure 2: Age      Figure 3: After-sale services relationship with customer loyalty and satisfaction       Figure 4: competency of after-sale service staff      Figure 5: Customers most preferred laptop brand in Bahrain      Figure 6: Customer repurchase product after being satisfied from after-sale services      Figure 7: Customers consideration of after-sale service as a factor while purchasing a product       Figure 8: customers most preferred after-sale service Conclusion Recommendation Reference Appendices      A.

Questionnaire      B. Graphs           INTRODUCTION:       Customer plays an essential part in each business. Satisfaction of customer is basic to the point that it cannot be considered as a separate task in business.

In the early era of production ‘Make and Sell’, strategy remains the main focus of most of the producers in making sales and they neglected the importance of after-sale services, which are crucial for customer satisfaction and retention. Consumer loyalty is imperative on the grounds that numerous researchers have demonstrated that consumer loyalty positively affects associations gainfulness, achievement and survival. Clients are fulfilled by the item they buy, as well as the administration they get from the association. Recently, fulfilling clients, through giving after sale services, turn into a focused region of marketing.  In general satisfaction is a person’s feelings of pleasure or disappointment resulting from comparing a products perceived performance in relation to his/her expectations.

      Fulfillment implies the contentment one feels when he/she satisfies a desire, need or expectation. Furthermore, customer fulfillment can be measured by how happy clients are with the administrations and results of the company. Satisfied clients bring tremendous benefit to companies. Satisfied clients will probably remain faithful, expend increasingly and will probably prescribe their companions to the business.

                 This study answers the following questions: What are the after sales services offered by the laptop sector In Bahrain? How to perceive the relationship of after sale services and customer satisfaction on loyalty in the Laptop sector in Bahrain? Will customer repurchase product from the company after being satisfied from its after sale services? Does after sale services offered by the Laptop companies have an effect on customer satisfaction and loyalty?        The main purpose of this report is to evaluate the effect of after sale services on customer satisfaction and loyalty in Bahrain. To recommend effective ways to improve the after sale  services.      For the purpose of this research, data was collected from selected franchise customers of different branches in Bahrain through a survey of questionnaire.       This report starts with a background section, followed by sections on Methodology, Findings, Analysis, Conclusion, and in the end of the report give some recommendations to improve after sale services. LITERATURE REVIEW:       This part audits the significance and effect that after sale services has on client fulfillment and dependability in Laptop sector in Bahrain. Since there are no assembly organization in Bahrain in Laptop division, the greater part of the Laptop originates from Japan, China, Europe.

The famous brands are Dell, HP, Samsung, Lenovo. 2.1 .

CUSTOMER SATISFACTION:        Customer satisfaction can be found in various definitions and related to both goods and services. Kotler (2002) defined satisfaction as, a person’s feeling of delight or disappointment coming about because of looking at a products perceived performance (or result) in connection to his or her expectations. According to Rigopoulou, D. et al. (2008), customer satisfaction is the perspective that clients have about an organization when their desires have been met or exceeded over the lifetime of product or administration.

 2.2. OBJECTIVES OF AFTER SALE SERVICES:      The fundamental target of the after-sale services is to keep the client fulfilled through trust, and sense of security communicated by association, and building long lasting relationships that contribute to expand performance for practical outcome, Loomba (1998).

 However, a large portion of the business associations do not know about the after-deals benefits factors and its impact towards the consumer loyalty. Neglecting to understand the significance of the factors can prompt a shocking and threatening business relationships. This might lead disappointed clients to switch to a competitor or the company lose potential for new customers due to negative word of mouth effect. Hence, every business should know the objective and significance of having after-sale services and actualize it to fulfill clients and make them faithful.

 2.3. COMPONENTS OF AFTER SALE SERVICES: Customer service quality:      According to Beverly et al. (2002), characterizes quality as wellness for utilize, or the degree to which an item effectively fills the needs of clients.

 According to  Goofin and Price (1996), client benefit has significance since it ends in expanding item quality, increasing competitive edge, increasing productive open doors, and subsequently expanding deals and income.  Installation:      According to Oliva and Kalenberg (2003), Installation of computer at the client house is important after sale or conveyance of the product and is considered to produce more gainful deal soon. The essential purpose behind installation to buyers is after sale client loyalty and to take upper hand and client demand. Feedback:    Client feedback is viewed as imperative nowadays. Associations are more client oriented therefore they need to know client needs in the product or services.

Such data can be valuable in designing item and administrations. At the point when a client is disappointed with the item or services, there are two accessible alternatives for the client. The first is to leave specific item and pick among alternate item accessible. The second one is to make recommendations and complaints for a similar item, this reaction is fundamental for the association to move forward (Barlow and Moller, 1996). According to Sampson (1998), feedback can be gathered through various techniques like remark cards, toll free numbers, through phone or through web.  Delivery:      Delivery is one more region where time is essential. Presently doorsteps services are given by many organizations to build their shares of the overall industry.

Numerous researcher and authors talk about the conveyance of item to their doorsteps to be powerful and bring about expanded deal and efficiency. Delivery of product characterized by two measurements reliability and speed (Michael, 2001) and guaranteeing that correct item at right time in right amount from right source conveyed to right person at right cost. Guarantee:      A guarantee is the duty of the organization and the fulfillment for the purchaser yet is accepted a commitment to the organization. This guarantee the client that the item will work for quite a while (Udell and Anderson, 1968). METHODOLOGY:      This report focuses on the impact of after-sale services of laptop on customer satisfaction in Bahrain.

In order to investigate the factors mentioned in introduction of this report, a descriptive design was adopted and an organized online questionnaire was directed by means of web to which 58 individuals via social media including both males and females reacted.      The main focus of this questionnaire is to evaluate whether after-sale services affects the consumers decision to repurchase the product after being satisfied from its services and customer loyalty is measured in this questionnaire.       The questionnaire comprised of 10 questions planned as open-ended and closed-ended questions, while some of them were prepared on a Likert scale with the following options available: Excellent Good Fair  Poor The other objectives of this study are, whether: Customer repurchases the product after being satisfied from its after-sale service. The staff competency while dealing with customers. Does a relationship exists between purchasing a product and after-sale service.

 Laptop brands preferred mostly by customers.  FINDINGS:       The following are the consequences of the findings that were investigated after distributing online questionnaires to a random sample of 58 respondents. Figure 1: Gender         Female respondents with a rate of 55.17% turned out to be higher than male respondents with a rate of 44.83% respectively. This indicates the fact that female group in Bahrain is more interested in after-sale services than male.

 Figure 2: Age       In the graph above, 74.14% of the respondents fall between the age group of 21 to 30 years old who are interested in after-deal services, while the age group of 20 and below has a percentage of 22.41%, and only few as 3.45% of the respondents fall between the age group of 31 and above who are interested in after-sale services.

This indicates that the young adults were most likely to be interested in after-sale services, while the adults did not give much preference to after-deal benefits. Figure 3: After-sale services relationship with customer loyalty and satisfaction        As illustrated in the figure, 79.31% of the respondents think that the more best after-sale services provided by the company will make them a loyal customer and will result in increase in their level of satisfaction. While a few of the respondents believe that after-deal benefits will affect their loyalty and make them satisfied.

 Figure 4: Competency of after-sale service staff       According to the graph above, 46.55% of the respondents believe that the staff was good in understanding their laptop problems and were good in their dealings, while 32.76% of the respondents were having a fair opinion about the competency of the staff. 17.

24% of the respondents were with the opinion that after-deal staff was competent. Whereas, 3.45% of the respondents conclude that after-deal staff was not competent and poor in their dealings. This concludes that organization should utilize their resources for effective staff technical training. Figure 5:  Customers most preferred laptop brand in Bahrain       According to the graph, customers mostly prefer to buy Dell brand laptop with a percentage of 51.27 because of the after-sale services provided by them, while Samsung brand 17.24% is among the second preference of the customers.

Acer, Lenovo are among the other brands that are liked by the customer. This indicates that brands which offer the best after-deal benefits are the one which are most preferred by the customers. Figure 6: Customer repurchase of the product after being satisfied from after-sale services            As indicated above, 86.

21% of the customer will become loyal to the company after being satisfied from its services and will repurchase another laptop from the company, whereas 13.79% of the customers do not take into consideration after-deal benefits and may or may not buy another laptop from the same company. Figure 7: Customer consideration of after-sale service as a factor while purchasing a product       According to the graph, 86.21% of the customers consider that after-sale service is an important factor while purchasing a product, while only a few as 13.79% of clients do not take into consideration after-sale services when purchasing a product. This indicates that organization must focus on after-deal services to attract more customers.

 Figure 8: Customers most preferred after-sale service      According to the above graph, customers mostly prefer Warranty with 55.17% as their best after-deal benefit, as they think it will be useful when some kind of damage if appears will be repaired by the company, while some customers selected maintenance with 15.52% as their second best after-deal benefits. Meanwhile, installation and spare parts supply is also preferred by the customers. CONCLUSION:      From the above analysis it is appropriate to conclude that after-sale service components affect the fulfilment of clients.

According to the results of survey questionnaire, warranty service has been found to be most liked by the customers. From the result of the study it is possible to conclude that the components of after-sale service that the company provides to their customers are warranty, maintenance, spare parts supply and installation. There is a positive relationship between customer satisfaction in the after-sale service and repurchasing behavior or loyalty of the customers.      The difficulties that laptop organizations faced in executing after-sale services are as follows: Lack of customer handling and technical training of the staff. Customer lacks understanding the substance of the organization warranty.

 Few clients may cheat the organization by giving false data about the issue of the product. Lack of spare parts available with the company in the stock to meet the needs of the customers. Lack of competency of the staff in dealing with the customers.  RECOMMENDATION:      The researcher recommends the following suggestions in view of the discoveries: Preparing the organization staff to give strong and dependable services to the clients by providing technical training to the staff and giving them the basic knowledge of the services.

 Organizations should solve the dissatisfaction of clients in quality, time and cost by evaluating customers satisfaction much of the time. To implement computerized system of service. Warranty statements should be designed simple to be easily understandable by the customers and improve the warranty duration. Customer service quality counters should be established in every retail shops. Feedback from clients is essential to the extent that quality and service is concerned so that their service can become better as far as customer needs and wants are concerned.

 At last, the analyst needs to prescribes to those specialists who have an enthusiasm on after-deal administration to conduct a study on after-deal services and its effect on customer loyalty and gainfulness. Since after-deal benefit is basic for client to get service after they buy the item and also for the merchants as one methods for client loyalty, repeat purchase and profitability. REFERENCES: Barlow, J. & Moller, C. (1996). A complaint is a gift: using customer feedback as a strategic tool. San Francisco: Berrett-koehler publisher Inc.  APPENDICES: Questionnaire: 1.

 Your Gender? Impact of after sale services of Computer/Laptop on customer satisfaction in Bahrain  Male  Female   2. Your Age?  20 and below  21 to 30  31 and above  3. Do you think after sale service has effect on your level of satisfaction and loyalty?  Yes  No  4. Do you think the person who attended to you and accepted your laptop for service was able to understand and answer all your queries appropriately?  Excellent  Good  Fair  Poor  Other (please specify)   5. Do you Feel the service charges/ repair charges were reasonable?  Excellent  Good  Fair  Poor  Other (please specify)   6. Which laptop brand offers best after sale service for laptop in Bahrain?  Samsung  Dell  Lenovo  Acer  Other (please specify)   7.

 Will the customer repurchase the product after being satisfied from its after sale service? Yes  No  8. Do you consider after sale service as an important factor while purchasing a product? Yes  No   9. Which company/ retail shop offers the best price of laptop considering services and quality? Lulu Hypermarket  Sharaf DG  Home Electronic  Other (please specify)   10. Which of the following after sale service you think will increase the overall value of laptop?  Warranty Maintenance  Installation  Spare parts supply  Other (please specify)  Graphs                        


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