Title: A code with high comprehensibility is organized

Title: Code Comments


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What makes code clear?

What is the most widely recognized method for recording the code?

How does the decision influence the meaningfulness of the code?

Group Member:

Muhammad Wahaaj Siddiqui


Code clarity is the simplicity with which a product designer or different experts inside the field can comprehend a composed bit of code. A code with high comprehensibility is organized in such a path, to the point that the beneficiary can comprehend the code without being acquainted with the framework or then again dialect.

Comments in code are the fundamental wellspring of documentation and does not consider compile-able code by the compiler. In this manner the primary key for understandability, meaningfulness and viability of the code shows around code comments.

I will find a project from GitHub and analyze the code according to the research questions mentioned above. I will be able to deliver the improved code and comments where there is necessary to make changes so that the code could be easily readable.

Tentative plan/ Milestones:


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