To roles to get a Ph.D. degree.

To begin, first I thank the Almighty Allah (S.W.A.) for providing me consistent health throughout the entire Ph.

D. duration. He gave my parent the patience and capability to sponsor my Ph.D. program.

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My mind is willing to pronounce due acknowledgements to people who have assisted me directly or indirectly towards achieving the dream goal of getting the Ph.D. degree.

The quality of supervisor in terms of his/her keen interest on the research, experience in research and great input support play key roles to get a Ph.D. degree. I described myself as a lucky person to have worked under my respected supervisors. It is important to express how that came and happened.

My Ph.D. supervisor, Dr. Geeta Durga taught me important things during my M.Sc program in 2014-2015 sessions. I used to grasp so quickly whatever lecture she delivered to her student. Such kind of good understanding made my mind to have selected her to be my Ph.

D. supervisor. She has keen interest in water remediation field, excellent leadership behavior and she is always willing to support every student under her watch. I thanked you maam for your resilience to have educated and motivated me, and for your big efforts, you have put for the supervision of this thesis thoroughly and tirelessly. Maam your motivational aspect and rapid procurement of chemicals used in this thesis have made things easy, and in particular, the Ph.D. works compiled and submitted within the stipulated time.

My supervisor has literally identified Prof. Anuradha Mishra as co-supervisor because she can offer huge support and the main objectives of this thesis coincided with her up-to-date area of research. Prof. Anuradha Mishra maam taught me numerous research lessons and she directed our group the right path to follow to carry out most of the works we reported in this thesis and her valuable suggestions including the preparation of manuscript, publication of papers and thesis writing not forgotten to mention.

Proper supervision is compulsory for the successful completion of any project work. She has given all her best. I also personally thanked her for giving permission to use the commercial microwave synthesizer in her chemistry laboratory. Their contributions have made me to realize my dream. I found them helpful at the time of need.

Their many commitments did not stop them from the reviewing and supervising the whole contents of the published manuscripts and the thesis book itself.


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