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To begin the experiment Watson, placed little Albert on the floor on top of a mattress, and he was showing multiple animals such as white rat, a monkey, a dog, to observe his reaction but he did not show any fear. Since he did not show any distress, Watson started showing him more objects such as a white cotton wool, a mask with and without hair, instead he showed more interest in the animals and curious to touch them. Little Albert had not fear on anything prior to this experiment, beside not showing fear, he was more like wondering around, surprised to see animals, objects putting them in front of him. By watching the video I observed little Albert looking comfortable being around the animals and objects, included the one that caught his attention was the white rat.

In my opinion, it was like that because the rat was small and was moving around him. Watson continued his experiments by creating a loud noise using a steel bar. The type of response Watson got was to stimulus the condition of the child behavior to endure fear that might become a phobia in the long run.

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After Watson started creating the noises Little Albert began to cry, every time he heard the noise he cried and looked like he didn’t want to be there, he looked very agitated in response to see simultaneously so many animals, objects and loud noises, creating him emotional distressed. Based on the APA Code of Conduct Respect for People’s Rights and Dignity- I will change the following: Based on age is unethical to do any experiment in a young child who is unable to make wrong or right decision. I do not consider Watson’s experiment a successful because, there is no evidence to proof that his experiment was accurate. Not only he used in his experiment a 9 month old baby but the child could be emotionally damaged. Besides this experiment has a less impact and practically no consequence on other people. His experiment was to proof that human behavior is learned not born.


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