To not be open about it, or

To begin with, there are times I have been and/or felt racist. There have been times when I saw a black man and immediately felt like I was in danger. I am not proud of this feeling, nor do I want to feel this way. I think the reason that I formed this opinion is because society cares more about the crimes the black commit, not so much the white.

Society is always quick to jump to accuse the black man of the felony than the white. Growing up in this kind of society makes it hard to form your own opinion and to never think this way. I feel that no matter what anyone’s personal belief is or what they say, everyone is racist.

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They may not be open about it, or even realize it, but we subconsciously associate a race with a description. Whether it be that Asians are insanely smart, African Americans are dangerous, Hispanics are too busy being caught up in drugs, or that Caucasian are stuck up, privileged males. Take away skin colors, and we are all the same. Skin color, or race, is just a physical appearance, it’s not based on someone’s behavior or personality.

The average black man can be just as smart as the average Asian man. The average white guy can be just as dangerous as the average black man. My point being, even though we all have opinions and viewpoint on racism, and we all in a way are racist, not by our faults but our subconscious, race shouldn’t matter. The color of someone’s skin does not describe them as a person.


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