TO as China is with Pakistan no

TO CHINA, WITH LOVEXi Jinping said before his visit to Pakistan that “This will be my first trip to Pakistan, but I feel as if I am going to visit my brother’s house.” Dear China, Thank you for being our partners, thank you for being our friend, thank you for supporting us in many hardship Pakistan faced.

It is a big honor for us that China always stands with us in every difficult time. China has proved itself like Pakistan’s right hand. Whenever we listen about Pak India or Pak America unhealthy relations I feel like what will be happened with Pakistan or how Pakistan will grow up as these relationships matter much(i.

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e., our trade depends on it). But then I think like its ok as long as China is with Pakistan no one can harm our country. So, China is like a shield for Pakistan. Pakistan is lucky to a friend like China.China always supported Pakistan through bad times.

China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) is a Framework of regional connectivity. Unemployed People in Pakistan got jobs due to this plate form. It has proved very useful for Pakistan.

Economical and financial condition of Pakistan is getting better day by day. Many facilities are provided to the nearby areas. It is the only example of Pakistan China friendship. There are many examples of their good relationship besides this.

In the field of Defence, China has assisted Pakistan in setting up Aeronautical Complex, Heavy Industries in Taxila, many production lines in Pakistan Ordnance Factories and Maritime projects for the Navy and missile factories, and Pakistan Steel Mill at Karachi and many others.China has been a strong and avid supporter of Pakistan’s Nuclear power generation. CHASNUPP-I and CHASNUPP-II were started by Chinese assistance.

The friendly relationship has been described over the years by the leaderships of the two countries as “Unrestricted, reliable, deeper than the oceans and higher than Himalayas, sweeter than honey, and lately, as strategic and stronger than steel.”When I was in class 4, we planned a trip to Murree and on our return we decided to visit Faisal Masjid Islamabad. So, according to the plan, we went to Faisal Masjid. When I entered there, I saw there were 5 Chinese ladies capturing the pictures of the masjid. I along my family went to them and shake hands with them but they warmly hugged us tightly. One of them pushed my mother towards her and asked my father to take a picture of my mother in their camera. They hugged my mother and also kissed her.

We felt so happy that they are unknown to us but treated us that we are their family. It was a great experience to meet them. I have still their pictures in my album. I want to see them all again.

Besides this, I am a student of Punjab University. And there was a Chinese hostel mate with me. She was a girl having cool personality and a good sense of humor. She was very kind with all of us. I firstly met her in the mess hall where she was waiting for the lunch. I was holding my bag my books in my hand standing besides her. There were many girls.

But when she saw that I’m standing with lot of books, she came to me and asked me to give some of them to her. I refused and said “No, thankyou!” She smiled and took my books from my hand and put them on the dinning table and went away. May be it was the last day of her in the hostel because I never saw her again in the hostel.

I didn’t got the chance to say her thakyou for her help.Sana [email protected]


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