To this proposed framework enables them to

To clearly define the problem in Ethiopian agriculture industry we have followed the scientific research method and we have prepared the interview question which enables to understand the agricultural environment. The interview includes the best respondent of IT workers having a clear idea about the current working process. The result obtained from the study shows that no single agricultural services in Ethiopia can afford enough access channel to serve their farming community. As a solution to the problem, we have proposed a cloud-based framework which integrates different agricultural services together to support farming community and merging separate data centers which are the causes of performance degradation. The framework also enables the agriculture sector to use agricultural channel owned by one agricultural organization can be used by another agricultural organization, this integrity of services solves the economic limitation of the agricultural sector to afford enough access channel to the farming community. As we have observed in current agricultural sectors has no integrated system which gives agricultural service together.

Hence, this proposed framework enables them to share agricultural system software and other management system software accordingly they save the unnecessary cost of purchasing and maintain the software purchased from abroad and this also has a value in countries economy. The framework is also valid from the customer’s point of view because it enables them to access information on any device which enables to agricultural service on any time. The validity of the framework is also checked by developing the prototype.The reflection from the agricultural sector shows that the framework and the prototype solve the current agricultural sector problem but they still doubt in security issue is there. In this research we have achieved the initial goal hence it is valid in achieving the goal of the research.

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