To becoming a more environment-friendly civilisation, and

To conclude, I would like to reiterate the importance of understanding and examining the issue of plastic pollution. In order to maintain a sustainable society for future generations, our actions and attitudes towards plastic consumption need to change for the better. As a developed country with the capacity and resources to make major changes, we should be working towards becoming a more environment-friendly civilisation, and this could be through the suggested solutions of a reduction in single-use plastic or the implementation of bioplastics. If carried out well and with participation from the majority of the population, it will result in a stable balance between the natural and human world and improve the wellbeing of the environment on a global scale. If all these benefits are to come from a reduction in plastic waste, then why aren’t we doing more to spread awareness of the issue? Sure, non-government organisations such as the World Wildlife Fund, local environmental groups or social media pages may frequently stress the severity of plastic pollution, they do not have enough power or the audience to make a considerable change in the amount of plastic waste we produce. As a federal member of parliament, I bring this issue before you in hope of your support and that you might address this matter on the parliamentary record, before fellow MP’s or to the relevant Minister.


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