To Amity University has been established by enactment

To conduct the study, field trips were planed to the project sites and required information collected based on available information and consultation with stakeholders about each site to have initial understanding of the study site besides any other information that may be useful during preparation of the study report. Following method has been adopted to understand the site specific situations and draw the conclusion in the report.

AMITY UNIVERSITY, UTTAR PRADESH Amity University has been established by enactment of the Uttar Pradesh Legislative Assembly. The affiliated college has different campuses in India and over the globe. As a Field based study within premise of Amity University, visit has been conducted to the ETP and STP plants established by the University to perform and cater to the environmental management needs of the University premises for the treatment of the Sewage, effluents and solid waste generated with in Univesrsity premise. The study undertaken at Amity University, Noida was intented to undertake a formal study of environmental management facilities such as ETP and STP to emphasize their performance in maintaining the environmental standard and parameters as per the established norms besides have an assessment of the sustainability mechanism of these facilities within the campus premise.

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Following observations are recorded during the site visits to these facilities which are presented below.


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