To the use of the white board, as

To identify your strengths and weaknesses, consider your numeracy, language, ICT, problem solving and literacy skills.

Do you understand what the teacher expects you to support the children with and are you involved with breaktime supervision? Identify own strengths and weakness in relation to supporting learning activities and how these may impact on the support that can be providedThe biggest opportunity to improve my skills is to shadow my class teacher and TA, on several occasions when Miss Bailey is inputting the children on the carpet area on the activity whilst I am observing the children or preparing the classroom I take in how she is teaching, describing and using the correct vocabulary and the use of the white board, as it is a learning kerb for myself when I support my group to follow what Miss Bailey has said so that the pupils fully understand. I observe all the time on how the TA supports and performs her interventions. Apart from shadowing the best opportunity is to always ask if in doubt. I am willing to develop and give myself opportunities to go on any courses that may be available to enhance my qualification; I have completed a course and received a certificate in literacy at my local library and within time will further my knowledge to keep myself updated in numeracy, ICT and hoping to complete STL 3 in the near future.( Teaching assistant level 2 book)

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