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To me, a safer future encompasses thefollowing five aspects: psychological defense, social defense, economicdefense, civil defense and military defense. Each and every one of us has asignificant role to play in ensuring that the five aspects of defense cometogether to build a strong nation for all. Only when we come together tofulfill our collective duty can we combat any threat that attempts to breachour security.  Psychological defense refers to ourresilience and unity in the face of a threat.

Having a fighting spirit is a keyfactor that determines whether or not a person is able to overcome challengesin times of crisis.  If a nation isresolved and determined to face the challenge as a whole, willing to stand upto defend what is theirs with pride, they can be assured of a safe future,regardless of the challenge. To put this into action, it is important toinculcate a feeling of citizenship in every citizen.

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One of the SingaporeNational Education messages states “We must ourselves defend Singapore”. Thisapplies not just to Singapore, but to every country. Every country’s citizensmust be prepared to stand up to defend his or her country in times of crises.It is also pivotal that they have the strength to return to their regular routineas soon as possible following the crisis, as well as support others duringthese tough times.  Social defense refers to a country’s socialand economic stability such that citizens of diverse backgrounds appreciateeach other’s cultures, and therefore are able to live together in harmony. Assuch, it is crucial for people to gain a better understanding of each other’s culturalidentity in terms of their heritage, religion, and etcetera. A lack of socialdefense would mean a lack of peace in society, leading to chaos. In order tostrengthen our nation’s social defense, we should be sensitive and respectfulof all races, including those besides our own.

Making the effort to learn moreabout other’s traditions, cultures, religions, and heritage gives us insightinto their identity and values. Expanding our social circles by makingfriendships with fellow citizens from other communities is of the essence. Socialdefense requires us to keep an open mind and be accepting of new citizens.Instead of shunning them, we must show them greater consideration and give themtime to understand our way of living.  Economic Defense is having a robust economythat can support a nation through economic challenges and national emergencies.

It means that a nation must step in to make sure that they have a good foundationand that the economy is stable. Citizens can also help the economy by keepingup with the latest technologies and the newest ways of doing things. By doing this,we help each other remain employable as the economy changes. Also, a nationmaintains national stockpiles of essential items to keep the economy competitive.

Strong internet is important as it prevents hackers from hacking into a nationsdatabase, preventing important and classified information from being exposed.We can put economic defense into action by embracing lifelong learning andcontinual skills adapting to the changing needs of the economy. Citizens shouldalso cultivate the habit of saving money and to spend wisely in case of  any economic changes . Make it a habit tohave good cyber-security practices like securing our internet-connected devicesand in safe networks. Civil defense is when citizens know what doin times of crisis. After a disaster, it is important to know what to do inorder to help one’s country. Knowing when to pitch in and what to do canultimately save not only his or her own life but save their families and theirneighbors. Citizens can read up on what to do in an emergency and canparticipate actively in Civil Defense exercises, gaining more knowledge andbeing prepared for any disaster.

Picking up life-saving skills such as firstaid, CPR, AED, or fire-fighting. As citizens, people can also be more alert andkeep a lookout for suspicious activity. Last but not least, there is Militarydefense.Having a strong military is crucial in anycountries safety. Whether it is protecting a nation from being attacked or bydeterring foreign intervention, the military will do whatever it takes todefend his or her country.

To remain operationally ready, a countries militarypersonnel has to keep fit, train hard and be emotionally and physicallyprepared of being attacked while having latest military doctrines andequipment.  In conclusion, a person or country needs tohave all 5 defenses strong in order to be safe.


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