To poor clinical response in the majority

To inspect the cancer immunotheraphy, tumor microenvironemt gain maximum attention where cancer cells and non-cancerous cell interact with each other equally. Tumor microenvironment is a complex ecology of cells that promote the cancer cell survival and enhance the tumor growth. Tumor associate macrophage is one of the key immune cells abundantly present in tumor microenvironment which accelerate many important features of tumor progression, including angiogenesis, tumour cell invasion, motility, and intravasation as well as metastasis. In few cases, 50% of tumor associate macrophage has been reported in the tumor mass which involves in a poor clinical response in the majority of cancers (Ashleigh R.

Poh and Matthias Ernst et al.2018). Macrophages are cells originated from the myeloid lineage and it is part of innate immune system.

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They are derived from blood monocytes that migrate into tissue. One of their major roles is to phagocytose, clear cellular debris and microbes. TAMs are mainly derived from circulating populations of monocytes.


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