To solve the mystery of why there

To solve the mystery of why there is an E. Coli outbreak, food investigators must work backwards to find the missing link. The outbreak has been endangering more than 100 people including killing one (Hoffman, 2018). The source has been linked to Yuma Arizona region; however, the investigators are still not able to find the actual source of contamination after months of investigating (Hoffman, 2018).

Romaine lettuce has been linked to the outbreak and federal officials believe that it is the largest they have ever seen and will last for weeks to come (Hoffman, 2018).I believe that this should not occur because famers are putting our health in jeopardy. Without growing your own produce you technically do not know what you’re putting in to your body, as a result of that you might encounter processed lettuce for example. The romaine lettuce you think is organic might be processed and vendors are selling these products to the public. As the article mentioned the goal of this should be to move focus away from tertiary prevention and bring it primary prevention. A diagnosis should not be made for an action to take place but the government including venders should work on ways to prevent the damage (Hoffman, 2018). The outbreak is affecting New Jersey and ten more states and all of the patients have one similarity and it’s the strain of E.

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coli linked to lettuce from Arizona’s Harrison farm (Hoffman, 2018). This is plays a part in community health because many people in the United States do not have health insurance, even though it is a requirement. By ingesting these harmful ingredients, it causes a large number of the population to be in the hospital. Thus bringing the census level to a high reach and causing nurses to have more than the required amount of patients. This current event is related to public health because many people do not grow their own produce.

They buy their lettuce and other foods at the supermarket, since it is hard to track lettuce that particular community is ingesting processed foods.


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