To support health care initiatives

To support health care initiatives and goals of community and organization. There must be team of dedicative individual organizing the effort and responding the challenge as they arise. In my graduation I chose to study public Health because of its appliance to wide range of areas including health and disease intervention, health care industry, health care administration and management, public works, public policy and many more. The curriculum has provided me strong foundation of understanding the broad areas and issues of public health in developing countries like Nepal in various parts of my life. I chose to enter in the field of health care administration because the belief that the organization and planning is crucial to long term success of any project and I hope that this field of interest in health care administration will provide me real world skills that I need to successfully develop and execute health initiative in future.

What I enjoy most about health care is relationship building, the opportunity to serve as leader on behalf of organization. Enhancing my professionalism and understanding the need of health care system.

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