TO she has brought together in engagement,

TO THE LIGHTHOUSE To the lighthouse is a 1927 novel written by Virginia Woolf. The novel centres on the Ramsay’s family and their visits to the isle of Skye in Scotland.

The Ramsay’s and their eight children have been joined at the house by a number of friends and neighbors or colleagues.  One of them , Lily and briscoe , uncertain painter attempting a potrait of Mrs.Ramsay and James.

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The novel set in the Ramsay’s summer home in Hebrides ,on the isle of skye. They assuring to visit the lighthouse, this prediction is denied by Mr. Ramsay , who voices were not clear due to weather. This particular incident is referred to on various occasions through out Mr. and Mrs. Ramsay’s relationship. The section closes with a large dinner parry. When  Augustus Carmichael , a visiting poet, asks for a second serving of soup, Mr.

Ramsay nearly snaps at him. Mrs. Ramsay herself out of sorts when Rayley and Doyle , two acquaintance whom she has brought together in engagement, arrive late to dinner, as Minta has lost her grandmother’s brooch on the beach. Ten years pass, first world war begins and ends. Mrs. Ramsay and two of her children dead. Mr. Ramsay is left adrift without his wife to praise and comfort him during his bouts of fear  and anguish regarding the longevity of his philosophical work.

Some of the Ramsays and other guests return to their summer home after 10 years.      They accompanied by the sailor Macalister and his son , who catches fish during the trip. The son cuts a piece of flesh from a fish he has caught to use for bait, throwing the injured fish back into the sea. While they set sail for the lighthouse, Lily attempts to finally complete the painting she has held in her mind since the start of the novel.She  reconsiders her memory of Mrs.

and Mr. Ramsay, balancing the multitude of impressions from ten years ago in an effort to reach towards an objective truth about Mrs. Ramsay and life itself. Upon finishing the painting and seeing that it satisfies her, she realizes that the execution of her vision is more important to her than the idea of leaving some sort of legacy in her work.


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