To, My father always inspires and motivates me

To,The Visa OfficerCanadian High CommissionSUB: STATEMENT OF PURPOSE FOR STUDENT VISARespected Sir/Madam,”The goal of mankind is knowledge. What man “learns” is really what he discovers by taking the cover off his own soul, which is a mine of infinite knowledge.”- Swami VivekanandaFirmly believing in this quote from school days , I, Muralidharan Venkatesan always prefer learning to studying. Being a son of a government service holder, My father always inspires and motivates me and my sister who is a PG holder in the field of Digital Signal Processing.

I made arduous efforts to consistently do well throughout my undergraduate course Civil Engineering with the support of our family’s backbone, my mother. I opted for this program as I strongly believe that construction and design of buildings is one realm which needs constant innovations and betterment through scientific progress and development. Interior designing and effective space utilization is another cause that created interest and curiosity in the field of civil engineering.I have a strong will that physical fitness contributes a lot to mental strength for the betterment of mankind that made me to become a basketball player with district proficiency.

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I had been an active player in my school and college basketball team and represented my district. The desire to give my part to the society using my knowledge helped me choose the stream of physics, math and chemistry in my higher secondary level of schooling and to later civil engineering as my undergraduate program. After graduating from school with 70% , I secured admission under Anna university, an institution which is well reputed for its civil program.During the course of my undergraduate study, apart from my course work, I gained knowledge by reading through papers on Structural Analysis, Concrete Technology, Design of Reinforced Concrete Elements and Principles of ManagementTo get hands-on application, I attended a one day training workshop on Attended one-day workshop on “Fiber Reinforced Geo polymer Concrete” held at NIT, Trichy and a one-day workshop on “Solid Waste Management” held at Mepco Schlenk Engineering college, Sivakasi.To further enhance my knowledge on how the basic principles are used in practical applications I took a industrial visit to Mettur Dam on study of retaining wall structure and Idukki Dam to study the double curvature parabolic, thin arch structure.I carried out 2 projects during my under graduation; One on “Design of Hospital Building” with deep analysis of the land quality and durability, surrounding environment, medical needs of the people of the area to be constructed. Second one on “Traffic Analysis of CBD Madurai”, this is s study of traffic needs of the central business district Madurai.

It give a clear picture of the congestion, existing traffic signals, pollution, present routes finally providing a proposal for a congestion free traffic route with the construction of a bridge connecting four Masi streets as an alternate route. From these project I got to know about designing in AutoCAD 2D, 3D and in Revit Architecture. I won second prize for “Design of Hospital Building” in Engineers Day Project Presentation Competition.Though this under graduate program has introduced me about the different opportunities in this field, I do lack a practical education here, where education is more sort of impractical and more memory based, my undergraduate program has just introduced me to this communication field and it is just an harbinger of a brighter future. A practical education and acquiring practical knowledge would help in establishing me as a expert in this field.

WHY PROJECT MANAGEMENT?Project management is the major part in any organization and it brings a unique focus shaped by the goals, resources and schedule of each project. Project management is important because it ensures proper expectations are set around what can be delivered, by when, and for how much. Without proper management, budget estimates and project delivery timelines can be set that are over-ambitious or lacking in analogous estimating insight from similar projects.

WHY CANADA?Project Management in Canada helps to improve my managerial capabilities by educating me for effective planning, leading, associating, co-ordinating etc. Study in Canada gives me confidence to achieve my dream and I trust Canada never let me miss my country. Safety of the students is ensured by the government of Canada.

Institutions here encourage the students to pursue research along with studies. This helps me to develop as person in all aspects.WHY FLEMING COLLEGE?Going through Fleming college programs and about the culture inside the campus, I decided, I want to do my PG diploma in Project Management in Fleming College, where I would get an opportunity to work with a group of high caliber leaders and regular interactions with alumni and industrial experts, recreational activities present and the exposure to different companies which will enhance my skills and help me to achieve my goals.MY FUTUREComing from a salaried background tempted me to become an entrepreneur. My long term goal is to start a construction firm of my own providing employment in my stream which needs great management skills. However, this may not be possible without achieving my short term goals.

My short term goal is to become an expert in the field of management by doing my PG diploma in Project Management and to research in this field that will fulfill my ambition of giving my part to the development of the society by working back in my country.I was delighted to get the offer from your esteemed institution and readily accepted it and made the payment of full fees of CAD $18268.20. Later I opened my GIC (Investment) Account and paid CAD $10,200, so that I need not worry about my financial status and concentrate only on my studies.My friends find me a consistent and determined person. I love getting along with people and am interested in social activities.

I have participated in several rallies promoting a cause and in many awareness programs. I developed a deep love for music which made me to learn flute and keyboard during my school days. I find a soothing music as a relaxing tool for me. Reading through many inspirational quotes of great minds has made me an optimistic person and I strongly believe in myself.

I consider my analytical ability and my ability to grasp and learn anything quickly. The extensive curriculum and ample learning opportunities at your college will be ideal in my development and help me realize my goals. I’m confident that I can make a positive contribution to your department and hope that you will give me the opportunity to do so. It would be my privilege to gain education at your esteemed institution I can be contacted on +91 9566889208 or [email protected] for any further clarifications.Yours Sincerely,Muralidharan Venkatesan


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