Today multinational talent pools. So, there is an

Today we are living in a worldwide network with no constrained physical limits. Individuals around the world are associated with web or correspondence. And transportation from one nation to other has become a simple as going from one city to another.

With the advancement of transportation and communication technology throughout the world has made the countries interdependent to one another. So as managers it is very important to think from a global perspective (Harvey, et al., 2009). In the late 19th century and early 20th century, the connectivity of the world’s economies and societies grew rapidly, Trade and transactions, capital and investment movements, migration and movement of people and the dispersal of learning expanded all throughout the world (Khyade, 2018). Business organizations are very much evolving to this expanding change and trying to get adapted to the new generation of trade.

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Within the organizations, managers have a crucial role to play in the organization’s success in adapting to this change. A global manager has to have 4 important characters to achieve this goal. They are Organizational intelligence, Cultural/social intelligence, Innovative intelligence and network intelligence (Harvey, et al., 2009). First of all, they should have to have a complete understanding of the fundamental comprehension of the arrangements, strategies, and rules of the association. With migration become increased in time, organizations have got the benefit of multinational talent pools.

So, there is an increase in the number of multinationals in the organizations. managers must have a good knowledge of different cultures and be able to manage them as required. Learning of system knowledge is additionally a key factor in worldwide administration. A decent comprehension of the supply chains and outsourcing is required to satisfy this factor. Outsourcing has become a common practice as companies are well aware of the benefits for the companies.

Also, there is necessity to be up to date to the newest trends and technologies for global managers to use these resources with maximum output. In conclusion to the above-written text, by enrolling to this degree programmed in business management I would get the better chance of getting an insight of these functions and will be able to identify the areas which I must put more focus to become a global manager.


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