TODAY modulation method is FSK or PSK. Bluetooth

TODAY we uses many Facilities of wireless Communication and it makes our life Better.Here We are Discussing about Short Range Wireless Technologies. It is made for very Short Range wireless Communication.There are main 4 Short Range Wireless Technology.BluetoothZigbeeWi-fiEn Ocean BLUETOOTH:Bluetooth is uses 2.4GHz band and it Transmitting Continouous data wirelessly that requires No power supply or maintenance.

It’s communication range is maximum 10m. so 2 Devices need to be within 10 meters of each other.Transmission speed is 1Mbps.Bluetooth available channel is 79.

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This communication has no Transmissionn limit.It uses different quadrature phase shift keying so it’s modulation method is FSK or PSK. Bluetooth uses a spread-spectrum frequency-hopping technology.

It uses multiple frequencies at the same time.Bluetooth is also capable of forming simple networks of up to seven devices.Bluetooth works with a chip, which requires that low-cost transceiver. The transceiver and receiver in a previously unused frequency band of 2.45Ghz that is available globally with some variation of bandwidth in different countries.

Bluetooth is most using this days in mobiles and leptop and computers uses to make phone calls also without placing your phone near to your ear.We can use This Bluetooth in our car, for connecting it’s speaker with our phone and also used for variouse schenarios we can play some video games after connecting between computer. Wi-Fi:Wi-Fi is a Wireless communication technology after Bluetooth.Wi-Fi is mainly uses for getting internet connection for range of 10 to 100 meters under the line of sight communication.It uses Radio wave to transmite the bunch of data and Internet.Transmition speed in WI-Fi is 11MbpsIt uses 13 or 19 channelsIt also doesn’t have transmission time limit. We can use isddddddddWi-fi have wireless adapter.

This adapter translate the data in to radio signal. This signal transmit through the router and .and than data reach to the internet by wired internet connection.Wi-Fi transmition frequency is 2.4Ghz to 5Ghz.

wifi version 802.11a transmits data with 5Ghz frequency.Wi-Fi allows Higher speed and connection in greater distance.We uses WI-Fi technology in our phone and leptop to communicate in wide area network also. ZIGBEE:ZigBee is one of the Short Range Wireless Technology for communicate some more area network then Bluetooth.

It is software protocole technology.It’s communication distance is several meter more, than Bluetooth.It’s Transmission Speed is less than Bluetooth and it is 250Kbps approximate.It’s available channel is 16.It provides complete protocol so that we can implements many types of radio networks that include point to point, tree and star and also point to multiple point.

It also doesn’t have Transmission time limit.ZigBee uses O-QPSK Modulation Method for Transmitte data from a device to another device.We mainly use it for sensor monitoring by make large mesh networks for us to commucate.It can handle up to 65000 nodes. NFC:NFC is Know as NEAR FIELD COMMUNICATION.It is a set of communication protocols.We can communicate remotely with two devices by NFC.

First we have to set both devices within 4 cm to each other.It has very low speed from 106Kbps to 424Kbps.We can consider NFC in personal area network.We can share photos, videos and contacts between two devices in this Networking System.NFC is a set of Standards which allow our electronic devices like laptop and smartphones to communicate through radio signals.NFC has very Short Range for communication and speed is also very low comparing to other wireless communication.

NFC uses mainly for payments and it can be upgrade for better payments in future.We can say that it is uses in contactless payment and also it is uses for social networking.NFC devices work in three modes.1st is NFC reader/writer, 2nd is NFC card emulation and 3rd is peer to peer communication.It has two modes for communication and it is active mode and Passive mode.Speed in active mode is 424kbps.

And in passive mode It is working in 424kbps and 212kbps also.


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