Today, 5% of two lakhs applicants in

Today, in the fast driven world, technology is fuelling the momentum of change and in the process, it is rapidly reshaping the way we live and work. Therefore, to keep pace with the technological revolution requires the ability to look beyond the present.

It is difficult to understate the importance of Mechanical Engineering in core companies and the technology driven world as a whole. It is because of my recognition of the importance of Mechanical Engineering stream that I have decided to seek further education and a career in this field to keep pace with the technological revolution.Right from the beginning my academic record has been exceptionally good.In addition to being the topper at school level, I took part and in many cultural activities and events like Essay writing competitions, Elocution, Science Fair that have been conducted as a part of my education in school and have won many prizes and recognition. It is therefore during my schooling i had an opportunity to expose into the world of science and mathematics, motivated me to take MPC (Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry) at Higher Secondary level. I stood among top 5% of two lakhs applicants in EAMCET, a statewide Engineering, Agricultural and Medical Common Entrance test for aspirants to obtain admission in college engineering courses.

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Thereby, gaining admission into the university which has very less acceptance rate to the undergraduate course in Mechanical Engineering department at the Kakatiya University College of Engineering and Technology. Introducing myself into undergraduate course, most definitely contributed to my shaping into an individual person with a compounded attitude for excellence..The very starting of my Mechanical Engineering program i have been exposed to the basic Principles and laws those involved in the mechanical systems and applicable to most machines and tools. I have been Impressed by the diverse Subjects like ENGINEERING GRAPHICS, ENGINEERING MECHANICS, MECHANICS OF SOLIDS, MANUFACTURING PROCESSES, MATERIAL SCIENCE ENGINEERING, KINEMATICS OF MACHINERY, DYNAMICS OF MACHINERY, and DESIGN OF MACHINE ELEMENTS which laid me with a strong foundation and helped me to understand the basic principles and fundamentals. This challenging subjects and their never ending complexity, thus motivating me to study in your master’s program in Mechanical Engineering stream.

In my third year, I took 15 days industrial training and did a project on Study Project on Turbo Super charger used in WDG 3A in Diesel Loco Shed Kazipet,.It is During this internship period, the turning point in my career came when I attended a series of lectures given by eminent personalities and exposing myself to the practical world of machines. As the undergraduate course offers limited scope for specialization I would pave way to earning hands-on experience and acquire specialization.. This constant urge to obtain an in-depth understanding and specialization knowledge made me opt for Graduate studies .I would like to follow up my graduate studies in this field and conclude it with a research-oriented work.My schedule at engineering college is not only filled with intense study and focused work on variety of technical projects but also bagged many memories when it comes to extracurricular activities. I was a technical fest coordinator and actively involved all my fellow mates and juniors in many fruitful events, organized by my university.

Thus overall my school life has been excellent both academically and in terms of extracurricular activities. It’s my dream to see myself as a great person in this Mechanical field and I will work hard for the same.United States of America has long been established as the seat and mother of scientific and technological advancements. One thing that excited me is the education based on practicality in USA, because unless you put a phenomenon into practice, its effect is not perceived. I feel that this university is an appropriate place to pursue my graduate study. Having gone through your University Website, the course structure offered by the Mechanical Department suites to my career interests very well which inspired me to apply to your esteemed University.

I am eagerly looking forward to be a part of your team with its spirit of research and enlightenment. I look to a fruitful association with your esteemed institution and I would be grateful if I am offered an admission into your university Mechanical program..

As a matter of fact, learning under the guidance of excellent and highly experienced faculty of your university might help me develop further interest to even pursue my Ph.D .As the year’s progress, I believe that the stimulating academic environment, to which I will get exposed to, if admitted to your school, would help me to build my career. In conclusion, I would like to say that if given admission into your university I would perform to the best of my abilities and hope to acquire skills that will help me fulfill my dreams. Finally I take this opportunity to thank you for enabling me to express myself.

Today, feelings, I didn’t attend his funeral

Today, no different to any other. The sheets of rain were pelting against my window. The heavy looking clouds were looming over me.

I couldn’t help but reminisce what happened this time last year. All of this thought about Gatsby was consuming me. My eternal guilt for what had happened this exact day was making me feel wheezy.

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Mr Wilson brutally shooting Jay Gatsby into his extravagant pool in his house, was as if someone sawed off my right leg. Gatsby’s once beautiful body floating right in the middle of his pool was brutal. It had felt like an eternity since I have expressed these feelings. The gloomy day was a great representation the feelings I was experiencing.

The past year has been excruciatingly hard. Not once did I speak to Tom about my feelings, I didn’t attend his funeral which still haunts me to this day and I haven’t spoken to anyone about it. This all made me feel pessimistic.

I feel as if I hadn’t experienced little to any joy. Overtime I believe I would have eventually left Tom for Gatsby. Tom makes me feel as if I am bounded to him. I feel like I’m just to show off to his friends as a status symbol. Gatsby showed me unconditional love. In his letter before my wedding he told me of how he dazed endlessly into the green light at my dock.

However, when he organised to meet up with me at Nick’s house It was rather awkward and

Today, see two types of people. The first

Today, this statement could not be any more true. Every morning when I am walking to my 8 AM class, I see two types of people. The first type, the majority, of people that I pass are already sipping coffee from the iconic white and green Starbucks cups. The second type of people I see are sluggish zombies making their way over to the nearest Starbucks.

Seeing these people so reliant on Starbucks made me wonder, what makes Starbucks so different? And what could be the “something” Howard Schultz was referring to? To gain more insight, I decided to study and observe the people of Starbucks. During my observation, three major themes arose: the overall feel of the environment, the interactions between customers, and the attitudes of the employees.To start off my project, I took a short walk over to the Starbucks located in the Student Union here at the University of Toledo. Within a few minutes after arriving, I realize that this location is way too busy to observe. Every table was occupied and the line seemed to be endless. There would definitely be a lot of activity to observe here, but I would not get the detail I was looking for.

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So, I hiked over to the other side of the campus to snoop out the Starbucks location inside the Barnes and Noble bookstore. I went from one extreme to the next. It was completely empty except for one loney starbuck employee standing behind the cash register.

I was losing hope, but I had one more Starbucks in mind. I jumped in my car and headed 45 minutes north to my hometown of Monroe, Michigan. I walked in to the local Starbucks and it was the perfect setting: a few people studying and a few customers in line. The only downfall of this location is that format of the room amplified the voices of the workers, making it difficult to hear any conversations between customers. I quickly took a seat at the table in the back corner of the store to get the best view of the customers and the employees.

Then I whipped out my notebook and started taking notes. I divided my notes into three categories: environment, customers, and employees. Throughout out my observation, I jumped back and forth between these three categories. I also made sure to keep track of the time as I was taking notes by writing the time in the margins every ten minutes.

I continued in this fashion from 1:00pm to 2:45pm.


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