has the capabilitiesto imitate human

Todays Artificial Intelligence (robotics) has the capabilitiesto imitate human intelligence, performing various tasksthat require thinking and learning, solve problems andmake various decisions. Artificial Intelligence software orprograms that are inserted into robots, computers, or otherrelated systems which them necessary thinking ability 25.However, much of the current Artificial Intelligence systems(robotics) are still under debate as they still need moreresearch on their way of solving tasks.

Therefore ArtificialIntelligence machines or systems should be in position toperform the required tasks by without exercising errors.In addition, Robotics should be in position to performvarious tasks without any human control or assistance24. Todays artificial intelligence such as robotic cars arehighly progressing with high performance capabilities suchas controlling traffic, minimizing their speed, making fromself-driving cars to the SIRI, the artificial intelligence israpidly progressing 26. The current attention towards portrayingthe artificial intelligence in robots for developing

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