Tony time because flights back to Malaysia

Tony Fernandes is a successful airline business entrepreneur in Malaysia. He was born on 30 April 1964. Tony Fernandes was send by his family to study in England at the age of 12. His dream was forming and obtaining a cheap international carrier from that time because flights back to Malaysia was costly and his family only afford to send him there.

First job of Tony Fernandes is worked as an accountant before taking part the Warner Music International. The Warner Music International acted an important role on making and transform him into a good leader and strategiest. Tony Fernandes decided to take over Air Asia, the Malaysia’s low-cost government service airline which was failing in business when failed to adjust music industry to the internet. He has facing many difficulties but at the end he use his innovation to manage and thus successful to transform into a long-haul budget airline public listed company.

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”Now everyone can fly” has become slogan of Air Asia. Tune Air Sdn. Bhd was also found by Tony Fernandes. Today, Air Asia from only 2 plane in the Hangar to 86 aircrafts and transporting about 30 million of people around the world. A childhood dream that Tony Fernandes had creating all of this happen today.


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