Tony preparing to take Tali to Paris. Ziva

Tony sat down in his living room with his young daughter Tali. They were dealing with the loss of Tali’s mother and Tony’s wife Ziva. The day had been long and hard. Previously Tony had been informed that his wife Ziva David had been killed in a house fire. The Arsonist who was behind the fire had been killed by Tony and his law-enforcement friends.

Now Tony is preparing to take Tali to Paris. Ziva loved Paris. Tony put Tali in their car and they headed out to the airport. When they arrived at the airport they were escorted through security to their gate. Tony had stopped at a coffee stand to get a cup of coffee. As he got his coffee he noticed three familiar words of his coffee cup, “Hot Fresh Coffee”. He had seen his boss drink this many times before. As they were getting ready to board their plane he noticed a few people in suits watching him.

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He thought of the rules his mentor taught him. Specifically, “Always watch the watchers”. As he watched the men in suits he thought of the movie, Men in Black. The men were acting suspiciously. Tony and Tali boarded the plane and took their seats. As he waited to take off he noticed that the men in black suits sat next to each other. He thought of another one of his mentor’s rules, “There no such thing as a coincidence” He fell asleep as the plane took off.

When he woke up they were in Paris. Tony retrieved his and Tali’s bags. They got into a cab and they headed to their hotel. When they arrived at the hotel he and Tali got in line at the service desk.

As he waited he noticed someone who seemed out of place. It was an Israeli woman who seemed to be there alone. She was talking on the phone in Israeli. As he approached her he noticed that the luggage labels on her bag said that she came from Tel Aviv, Israel. Then Tali walked over to her father. Tali saw the woman’s face.”Ima” As Tony looked at the woman he realized why Tali yelled “Ima”.

The woman was Ziva David, his wife who had allegedly been killed. Ziva turned around.”Hello Tony” Tony, Tali, and Ziva went to a Café to discuss what happened. Ziva explained that a few days before the farmhouse was set on fire she was informed by Mossad that hired assassins are searching for her. Directly after hearing this she went back home and packed a bag for Tali and left. After the fire, she went into hiding.

Ziva turns to Tony. “We are in danger” After this, they decided to go to a different hotel in hope of being safe from the assassins. When they arrived at the hotel they noticed the same men in black that Tony had seen earlier at the airport. Directly after this, they checked-in to a hotel room and called their friends in Washington to let them know. Later that evening they heard gunshots.

When they looked out the door they discovered that the men in black suits were the assassins. The assassins were discussing their targets, Tony and Ziva. Directly after hearing this Tony and Ziva loaded their guns and prepared to exit their room and confront the men. As they opened the door Ziva noticed the assassins’ guns pointed towards their room.”Tony, watch out!”Ziva took a shot and killed one assassin.

All of a sudden, the main lobby of the hotel erupted in chaos. Bit by bit the hotel got destroyed by the bullets being shot everywhere. As soon as Tony seen an opening he turned to Ziva.”Get Tali and let’s go”They caught a taxi and headed to the nearest police station. On the way there Ziva noticed some snipers in the windows of the buildings they were passing. Ziva alerted Tony and Ziva told the taxi driver to stop the car. Tony, Tali, and Ziva got out and ran for cover. Tony took Tali somewhere safe with cover.

He then turned to Tali.”Stay here, I’ll be back”Tony joined Ziva in an abandoned building nearby. They prepared for a large gunfight. Out of nowhere, they saw an armored vehicle pull up as more assassins came out. Some of Trent Kort’s relatives followed with their guns loaded.

One of the relatives stepped forward.”Anthony DiNozzo, Ziva David come out slowly”Tony and Ziva ignored this and kept their guns aimed. The oldest of the relatives came forward.”You’re impossibly outnumbered. Surrender and the girl won’t die”Tony turned and noticed that the assassins were getting close to Tali. Tony turned to Tali.”Tali watched out!” Tali ducked as Tony killed the assassin with one shot to the heart.

Tony and Tali ran to Ziva as the assassins kept shooting. Tony, Ziva, and Tali escaped to a car and drove away from the gunfight. Ziva turned to Tony wondering why these assassins were after them. Tony turned to her.”After we heard about the fire we traced it all the way to Trent Kort. Afterward, I and the team confronted and killed Kort.

“Ziva stared at Tony in disbelief.”You believed I was dead?!” Tony looked back at Ziva.”We were told that the only survivor was Tali””What will we now then” Tony thought about what was said for a minute.

Then he thought about all his friends and family in DC. He thought about how they would react to being told that Ziva is alive. Tony turned to Ziva.”We should book a flight out of here.” Ziva started thinking.”Where would we go then?” Tony answered while thinking about what Ziva asked.

“We would go to DC. We have friends there” Ziva looked towards the taxi driver.”To the airport.

” Ziva, Tony, and Tali headed off to the airport. They were going back to DC. When under their friends’ protection they would be much safer. Tony bought 3 tickets to Washington DC. Then they were called and the boarded their plane hoping for the best.Tony woke up to the sound of his daughter Tali crying.

Tali lost her mother and Tony was all she had left. Life is hard for both of them but they are still functioning. They were getting ready to go back home to Washington DC. They have friends there that have helped them deal with the death of Ziva.


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