Top grew up wishing to own a car

Top 4 RC Rock Crawling Jeeps You May Have IgnoredMost of us grew up wishing to own a car one day. For boys especially, the excitement of driving fill their mind and it hits them hard that not everyone gets a chance to own their car when they grow up. To feel this excitement, many find themselves having great pleasure in operating RC rock crawling jeeps that creates not only an exciting challenge but also much fun. If you are like most fans, you will like to choose a crawling jeep that is nowhere but the top of its game.

The following brands will do.Pro-Line 332100 1992 Jeep CherokeeThis is an almost complete imitation of the famous jeep, with significant aspects of the Cherokee jeep. It is red, and having a closer look at it you will wonder how the manufacturer modeled this RC rock crawling jeep to this perfection. Its dimensions are 11 × 5.9 × 30.

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2 inches and weigh about 11.2 ounces. It is recommended for users over the age of 15 years but also appeals much to adults. Although it comes with decal set and the window masking, you will have to use a body post to mount an axial.

Axial SCX100 2012 Jeep Wrangler The most appealing aspect about this RC rock crawling jeep is its ability to create an impression that it could see mountains of rocks. It has a beautiful modeled body which is finished with polycarbonate and axles. Most users have said that SCX10 has much longer lifetime under pressure. It has dimensions of 29.24 × 9 × 12.

3 inches and weighs 4.65 pounds. It is recommended for big kids.

It has a digital steering servo and 2.4 GHz radio system, which makes it necessary to use AA batteries and a compatible charger.Pro-Line Racing 338000 Jeep Wrangler This is probably the perfect RC rock crawling jeep for outdoors. Apart from meandering onto the wild and rugged terrain, their confident and firm grip brings the fantasy of Jeep Wrangler. It has a crystal clear GE Lexan, and its body has a customized dashboard that perfects its crawler look. It is yellow, 18 × 4.2 × 26.2 inches, and weighs 11.

2 ounces. Its door is low and unique. However, it does not come assembled. Thus you will have to buy some accessories to join it. Pro-Line 333600 Jeep Wrangler This RC rock crawling jeep is made to impress. It has many teases that it is almost ready to drive due to its highly detailed futures which include front bumpers and a taillight.

This beauty is green in color, and it’s manufactured by Pro-Line. Its dimensions are 11 × 5.9 × 25.9 inches, weighing 1 pound. It has a Rubicon styled body.

However, be ready to buy screws for fixing the bumpers.ConclusionThose are four game-changing RC crawling jeeps that will give you a thrill. You can also find tens of others online.


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