Topic in the ring but also outside the

Topic : SportThe sportman I appreciate the most is the late Muhammed Ali , born Cassuis Clay. He was born on January 1942 in Louisville Kentucky in the USA . He attended the Louisville Central Highschool.He experienced racial discrimination at an early age growing up in the south of the USA. At the age of 12 , his discovered his talent for boxing ,St he started his amateur career in 1954.Ali went on to win the 1956 golden gloves tournament for novices and three years later he also won the national golden gloves championship as well as the amateur athletics union`national title for the light heavyweight division.

Very quickly Ali became an imposing personality in the ring, but he was also known for his lightning speed and fancy footwork.After his olympic victory in 1960 he become an American hero, and turned professional.He was a boxer, an philanthropist, certainly boxing`s most celebrated athlete heavyweight champion.The legendary boxer´´s beliefs were very important to him, he did not only fight in the ring but also outside the ring.He converted in the nation of Islam in 1960´s after been draft tenseinto the US military he refused to fight in the Vietnam war in 1967, calling to mind his religious beliefs prevent him from fighting and killing innocent people.

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The boxer was given the name Muhammed Ali according to him “ Cassuis Clay“ was a slave name which he did not want to carry no more.He was arrested for committing a crime and immediately stripped of his boxing licence and world title.The US Department of Justice pursued a legal case against him. Hee was found guilty of violating selective service laws.In June 1967, he was sentenced to five years in prison, but remained free while appealing his conviction.Ali´s religious and political beliefs were the reason why he was sentenced to five years prison because he refused to fight in the Vietnam war. Unfortunately he missed more than three years of his professional career.

In 1970, he finally returned to the ring and the US supreme court.overturned the conviction in June 1971.Lot of Ali´s Friends and family members said that charity and happiness for those who surrounded him was one of the most important things in his life.

Universally regarded as one of the greatest athlete of the 20th century, he won the world heavyweight boxing championship in 1964. He had a career record of 56 wins fives losses and 37 knockouts.After retirement from boxing, he devoted much of his time to philanthropy, in 1996, he lit the olympic cauldron at the summer olympic games in Atlanta which was a very emotional moment in olympic sport history.In addition to his “make a wish foundation”,` he traveled to lot of countries to help out those in need because of his commitment in developing ‘nations’ , in 1998 he was chosen to be an united nations messenger of peace.In 2005, Ali received the presidential Medal of Freedom from President George W.

Bush , president Obama` inauguration he also received another award “ the presidential award from the NAACP “ for his public service effortsIn 2005, he opened the “ Muhammed Ali center “ in his hometown of Louisville Kentucky.On this occasion he said“ I am an ordinary man who worked hard to develop the talent I was given , I wanted a place that would inspire people to be the best that they could be at whatever they choose to do , and encourage them to be respectful of one another“.Ali’s stature as an legend continues to grow even after his deathPlagiarism. is not only celebrated for his amazing athletics skills but also for his commitment to speak his mind and his courage to challenge the status quo.In 1984, Ali announced that he had parkinson`s disease. Despite his parkinson`s disease, he remained very active in public life, and most importantly he collected funds for the Muhammed Ali parkinson center in Phoenix, Arizona. He passed away on June 3 , 2016 during hospitalization in Phoenix Arizona.

He was married several times and had nine children.The most important criteria which makes a sportman great is to work hardto develop his talentand to do all possible to be the best at whatever you choose to do.My personal criteria could be wheneverSt I become a successful and wealthy sportman , I would help those in need and try to encourage and inspire young people to trust themselves and work hard to achieve success.


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