Topic: in the Philippines Delegate: Aliza Nicole

Topic: The importance of K to 12 program in the Philippines
Delegate: Aliza Nicole Mara Completo

The K to 12 Program covers Kindergarten and 12 long periods of fundamental instruction (six long periods of essential training, four long for middle school, and two long periods of senior secondary school) to give adequate time to dominance of ideas and abilities, create deep-rooted students, and get ready graduates for tertiary instruction, center level aptitudes improvement, work, and business enterprise (DepEd, n.d.). The program was executed during 2011, coming about to an extra two years on tutoring of an understudy as a reaction to the 12 long periods of an educational system. Furthermore, the program means to inspire the nature of instruction in the Philippines so that graduates can be easily hired. The program likewise plans to meet the models required for experts who might need to work abroad. Above all, the education system expects to completely upgrade and build up the students with a goal for them to be very much arranged particularly in passionate and intellectual perspectives. Through this, graduates will have the capacity to confront the weights of their future work environment.

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We all know that Filipinos are known to be competitive in the universal network. In any case, our present education framework blocks us from ending up much more competitive wherein beginning of 2012-2013 school year, the educational system arrangement of the Philippines was improved from the ten long periods of fundamental training to a 12-year program through an activity called the K-12 Education Plan supported by the Department of Education. The usage of the K-12 plan in the Philippine Basic Education Curriculum is the way to our country’s improvement. Despite the fact that the administration faces numerous issues as it actualizes the program through the span of quite a while, it is an important change since expanding the nature of our instruction is basic to our country’s prosperity. Furthermore, we must never forget that changes in our country start with education

Cruz (2010) affirmed in one of his columns in a local newspaper that there are three reasons why K to 12 Educational System is needed in the Philippines (1) Adequate Instructional Time. By the help of K-12 training, understudies will have adequate instructional time for subject-related errands, making them more arranged in each branch of knowledge. With the old framework, Filipino understudies were reliably behind on accomplishment scores. (2)More Skilled and Competent Labor Force this is another motivation to help K-12 instruction is on the grounds that the alumni of this program will be more arranged to enter the work oblige for them. Thus, upon graduation, they will have the particular occupation related abilities they require even without a higher education. When they move on from secondary school, these youngsters will be 18 and employable, adding to the countries labor. (3) Acknowledgment as Professionals Abroad. With K-12 instruction, Filipino graduates will be naturally perceived as experts abroad in light of the fact that we are following the universal training standard as honed by all countries.
The K to 12 programs had given the students adequate time to ace essential scholarly abilities and to take an interest in co-curricular and network exercises. It was also claimed that in implementing this program the issue that Filipino people that were facing in applying for jobs in other countries will be solved. It is because most countries in the world had formerly strategized their educational association in which they have eventually used the program of K to 12. The Pinoy Organization trusts that adding more years in education; the Philippines could help take care of the issues of joblessness, keep with worldwide standards, and help Filipino students to have more opportunity to pick the vocation that best suits their abilities (Jennilyn, 2013).

With the new 12-year educational modules set up, future Filipino understudies will be prepared and better prepared to join abroad colleges at the undergrad level. What’s more, with a K-12 understudy populace of 20.67 million, which will just increment throughout the following 20 years (see ICEF Monitor’s article “New 2035 enrolment figures put East Asia and the Pacific ahead of the pack”), the Philippines is turning out to be an appealing enlistment goal. Along with the K to 12 programs expect to furnish each Filipino kid with the instruction needs to contend in a worldwide setting.

Psychologically speaking, the short education program influences human advancement of the Filipino kids. A Filipino is legitimately a youngster before he or she turns 18 years of age. Clinicians and instructors say that kids under 18 are for the most part not sincerely arranged for business enterprise or work or higher training disciplines. Regularly, Grade six understudies graduate at the age running from 11-13 years of age, and fourth-year secondary school understudies graduates at the scope of 15- 17 years of age. In this manner, these students are as yet considered youngsters and they are definitely not able to deal with major circumstances like basic leadership and work undertaking. In the Philippines, there is a reaping practice which is designated, “Hinog sa Bunga”, which means a natural product which was taken from the storage compartment of the tree.

According to DepED (2013), the aged natural products which were taken from the storage compartment of the tree are more sweet and scrumptious contrasted with organic products which were taken early. The objective of the K – 12 Basic Education Program is to make a practical fundamental training framework that will create profitable and dependable residents outfitted with the fundamental Worldwide Conference on Education (IECO) | 483 capabilities and aptitudes for both lifelong learning and work. This program will improve the fundamental instruction framework to full usefulness to satisfy the essential adapting requirements of understudies. This is in accordance with the motivation of the President Aquino of having quality instruction as a long haul answer for destitution, keeping in mind the end goal to accomplish these objectives.


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